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The CT3M Handbook is out!

The CT3M Handbook is now published and available on Amazon. Here's the link to it on Amazon UK

Information on The CT3M Handbook can be found on:


As of today, 30th September The CT3M Handbook is purchasable on and only appears for pre-order on Over the next few days it will become purchasable on and many other Amazon sites and other Internet booksellers.

The 'Recovering with T3' book is still the definitive book for a thyroid patient or their doctor who wishes to gather background information on the T3 thyroid hormone and have a very practical guide to the use of T3 in the treatment of hypothyroidism. 'The CT3M Handbook' is a companion book that focuses on how to use the Circadian T3 Method to recover from partial adrenal insufficiency and to enable the thyroid patients own adrenal glands to recover.

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[edited in order to include Amazon UK link]

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Excellent and well done Paul! Have placed my order and look forward to reading it. Hopefully it will help me gain full recovery, using it alongside your RWT3 book and Dr P. Housebound and often bed bound a year ago, I am now up on my feet and functioning since starting T3 (thanks to Dr P then your RWT3 book) but still have a way to go but at least I'm on my way!

Best wishes Paul



Good luck Punklily!