can someone help me i am constantly shattered and sleeping all the time and suffer from hypothyroidism

I am constantly shattered and this chronic fatigue is killing me. I am feeling suicidal over this too. I suffer from bipolar also and on depixol injections for my condition. I recently had my levothyroxine and t3 increased from 100mg of levo and 10mg of t3 to 125mg of levo and 20mg of t3. I am battling with doctors to get sorted but i am getting no where. I am also stuttering a lot too. finding it hard to communicate with people. I am in bed most nights at around 8-9pm and waking up between 12 and 2pm and still feeling really really tired as hell.

my tsh is around 2.93 and t4 is 11.6 never got my t3 checked as doctors dismissed it....someone please help thank you

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  • Hi, I am new to this but am currently battling with doctors over my b12. Test 3 weeks ago was 180 and this week 226. They are just telling me it it steer and have prescribed anti depressants. I am knackered, completely and utterly. Sleeping an 8 hour night and then going back to bed for about 4 hours a couple of hour after getting up.

  • Sorry should say ' it is stress'

  • That sounds a bad place to be.

    If the doctors are being difficult about the doses, it might be worth putting some effort into optimising the effect of what they are giving you? For example, taking at different times. And making extra-sure that you are not taking the levothyroxine especially near food, other medicines or supplements.

    I know these suggestions sound like a drop in the ocean in terms of the difference they would make, but we have seen a number of people feel significantly better by making changes and taking note of separation.

    Do keep posting - others will, I am sure, respond.


  • I have been there - exhausted, shattered, virtually unable to function. The NHS left me to rot, saying my thyroid was 'normal' and my b12 was 'normal'.

    Well they were not, once i got my own tests done i saw my tsh was around 3 to 5 at various times.

    Also got tested (b12 was 500) and turned out i had pernicious anaemia.

    It's been a LONG road, but i now self inject b12 and C and self medicate with ndt maintaining a suppressed tsh.

    Oh how i remember being in bed by 8 every night, then struggling to get up for work, feeling like i would pass out at my desk from tiredness, unable to concentrate or think straight. No life at all, could just about manage cleaning my house on weekends.

    My CF seems to have gone after about 2 years of hell. I can think, I have energy, i'd forgotten what it was like

    My advice: take control. I did and have never looked back.

  • I am glad you have been able to recover by taking control and reading and how to maybe overcome your health problems.

    It will give members a lot of encouragement.

  • sadly i can not afford to take control as i am on a low income

  • Have you ever had your cortisol levels checked? It is possible to do this privately. If you post a question, one of the admin team should give you details. It would also be helpful to have your T3 tested. Can you persuade your GP or have that done privately too along with a full iron panel, folate, B12 and Vit D.? Low levels of these can prevent thyroid hormones working properly or give other symptoms similar to hypo. If you post all the results, together with the reference ranges, someone will help with interpretation. Finally, do you know if the Depixol could be causing any of your symptoms. Have you studied the "side effects" leaflet? Of course, it may also be that the new dose has simply not had chance to take effect yet? How long have you been on it? do hope you find some answers soon and begin to improve.

  • Hi hypohippo

    I am sorry you are feeling so bad but I hope with the rise in your hypothyroid medications that you will soon feel better. I can quite understand how you are feeling when you are not improving as quickly as you would have thought.

    We expect our medical people to know how best to get to the root of the problems but sometimes I do wonder when I read some of the sorry stories from our members.

    Please let us know how you are doing in a couple of weeks when the extra medication begins to work.

    Best wishes.

  • i take my levothyroxine and t3 at night time and my vitamins in the morning. I am on a low income and can not afford to go private

  • i am due to have my adrenals checked soon

  • NDT costs about £10 for a jar of 1000 if you know anyone going to Thailand. Also, it is less expensive than you think to order online. You cannot put a price on health. I don't have money to splash around either, but i gladly spend a few quid every month to maintain my health. I never eat out,never go to the cinema, never buy newspapers or mags or soft drinks, etc and that way i can get my ndt and amps.

    Agree with other poster about Depixol.

  • Hello. I'm new here and would like to know what NDT is. Also where we can buy the correct supplements such B12 methylcobalamin - on health shops looks like they have just the other one. Thanks

  • Welcome Brubru, NDT stands for Natural Desiccated Thyroid which is a traditional thyroid medication. Informative article on wikipedia:

  • Thank you Red Apple. I will check it out. Is there a link on this site for information such as this for new people like myself? Thank you

  • We don't really have anywhere to easily store links on here as it's mainly aimed at being the patient to patient support forum. But if you haven't already done so, you might find it helpful to wander around our main Thyroid UK website

    Perhaps start here and work your way through the main menu on the left.

  • I will thanks. Just don't want to ask too many basic things. I'm on levothyroxine 125 for many years but not feeling good for a while so want to find some help.

  • PS. NHS does not acknowledge or treat adrenal fatigue, so dont let them tell you you are normal. Get the actual result with ranges and post here

  • Hello, I also, would like to know what NDT is. You can get the type of vitamin B12 you want from It's not cheap, but at least it's available. Would it be a good idea to have a list permanently on the site of various short forms such as NDT for those who are not in the know?

  • NDT stands for Natural Desiccated Thyroid (which happens to be the topic for the current poll). Anyone not familiar with this traditional thyeoid medication might find the wikipedia article helpful.

  • Thank you. Just checked and yes more expensive than other health shops. But it looks like makes a difference which one we take

  • I have posted a link to my personal list of abbreviations and acronyms many times:


  • Thanks for that. Possibly I'm too new to have caught on to that. Will check in future

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