Seeking help before going to the doctors

Seeking help before going to the doctors

Hi everyone, I had a thyroidectomy in 2002, I have been controlled reasonably well but the last year I am suffering, struggle to fight infections, not able to sleep well, extremely hot and swollen hands and last week my nails have turned and orange/yellow at the top and normal colour at the bottom, I've been having hot sweats at night, to the point I'm sleeping on my own with a fan on. Back pain and headaches for the last two weeks. My periods over the last 6 months have pretty much stopped, only have the day I come on and half a day the following. I am so tired, and my body feels like I have the flu, legs ache but I dont have the flu. Anyone else feeling this rubbish. I have managed to get an appointment this afternoon x

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  • Re the nails, have you used acetone nail polish remover? That can make the nails get an orangey tint.

  • Hi there, no don't wear nail polish. ive noticed I have two of the darker lines one half way down horizontal and one just under the tip of the nail. The inbetween bit is more yellow, and the bottom half is normal

  • Get a new blood test for your thyroid gland. Ask for a full thyroid function test. TSH, T4, Free T4, T3 and Free T3. (they probably may only do the TSH if it is in the normal range). Get the earliest possible appointment and don't take levo before your test take it afterwards. Get a print out for your own records and with the ranges and post if you have a query.

    You sound quite hypothyroid especially female problems is one of the many clinical symptoms.

    If you haven't had a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these too as we are often deficient.

  • Hi there, thank you, I used to take b12 but went to normal levels after a few days. I'm more concerned its and adrenal issue. Hoping I am wrong. They have been keeping me at 3 which they are more than happy with, my levels rarley change xx

  • That should have read a few years sorry x

  • That's fine. I will just mention that 'normal' doesn't mean optimal.

  • I agree with shaws - what was the normal result. have seen some VERY low readings here that people have been told by their Docs are NORMAL - what is normal ? What is normal for you is not normal for me - and vice versa.... I feel you should have the tests that shaws has suggested and then post again with results and ranges....

  • Thanks Marz, already planning to do so. :) x

  • :-)

  • I know, they do not want me on a higher dose as this would take me over and put my body at more risk to my health was the explanation I was given. I am going to ask for a print out of my last lot of levels and post them later. I'm sure there has to be more they can do to make me feel better xx

  • You sound just like I did before I started to take control and ask for blood test results, particularly a Free T3 test which had never been done. I had TT in 2006 and I think it takes a few years for the body to start showing signs of being poorly medicsted and/or needing supplements. In my case my iron was low and I had stopped converting T4 to T3 well, so my T3 was below the reference range.

    T3 added to T4 has made a big difference to me. It is the best thing to get rid of the flu like aches and pains, which I had constantly. I also, like you, was getting strange infections I had never suffered from before TT.

    If you can get an endo to prescribe T3 for you, I think you will see a big difference but you need to do all the tests mentioned above regarding vitamins and minerals. Taking daily iron has helped me. It is all a struggle without a thyroid and I am still not perfect but definitely better than I was two years ago.

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