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Endo told me going to monitor for time being no meds despite having hashimos.

TSH is at 12.70 range 0.35-5.5

Free T4 18 range 10-19.8

TPA antibodies 6,500

I have a normal thyroid receptor antibody.

I was on thyroxin for a year and TSH came down slightly but only to 8 so was taken off. No meds for 15 months. Feel better off thyroxin than on it but feel pretty grim at times.

Had TSH stimulation test and told pituitary working ok. MRI scan shows no mass on pituitary.

Awaiting biopsy results on thyroid nodules.

On hashi high at moment so feel great but know any time I am going to come crashing down. Told Endo this and he said yes this is what happens with auto immune disease unfortunately. Bizarre?

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That's what it's [Levo] supposed to do!

I'm surprised your endo hasn't done a T3 check, though.

Maybe he's waiting till you feel rougher?


It does seem slightly strange that you have a high TSH and top of the range fT4. I would have thought about pituitary issues, but looks like your endo has investigated that and ruled it out. I too think a fT3 test would be in order and would request this from your endo when you next see him/her. Glad you are feeling well at the moment though. xx


I thought that. If my t4 If went up any higher it would be out of "the range". Free T3 is 5.4 range is 3.50 to 6.50.

I think my T4 and T3 fluctuate with the Hashi's and they caught me on a good day "in the range".

Everywhere on the Internet and on this site I read about doctors go by TSH range and if that raised they treat. Not in my case they don't.

I have gained 3 stone in 2 years. Despite going to gymn have lost no weight. I have lost half of my eyebrows, some days can't get out of bed. Lose inclination to do anything.

2 weeks ago I had a kidney stone luckily I paased it but told parathyroid is ok, kidneys are very healthy (had a scan) and calcium levels ok.

I have had lots of tests but feel no nearer to getting help with symptoms.


...how is your gut health ? Auto-immune issues often happen when there are problems with the gut. LGS etc. I have Hashimotos and Crohns so have had to learn a thing or two to find wellness. It's a bumpy ride but worth it ! Have you read Hashimotos Thyroiditis by Izabella Wentz - website by the same name and Hope for Hashimotos by Dr Alexander Haskell - both good reads where you will learn lots about healing the gut and finding optimal health. Good luck !.....


Gut is fine. I am cutting out gluten as a precautionary measure.

I have looked through my previous results and FT4 can raise to 23.9.

FT3 is always within range. TSH has never been in range.


Perhaps you have thyroid hormone resistance? ie a problem with hormone receptors meaning that your body is struggling to get the thyroxine into the cells so that they can use them.



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