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Adrenal Fatigue versus Hypothyroidism, are these different as outlined on Dr Lam's website?

The link to charts comparing symptoms of adrenal fatigue and hypothyrodism on Dr Lam's website is: . If anyone could throw any light onto the suggested treatment for someone who may have both?

Also, is it best to test and diagnose yourself or go under a practitioner?

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cc, that's a good question. All those symptoms listed seem very interchangeable in a way except maybe the temperature levels. If you keep track for a few days, it may tell a story.

I don't know how many practitioners really understand the saliva test which is more helpful I guess. Personally I'm trying some adrenal supplements and taking T3 which is supposed to help heal the adrenals but it is really guess work. I think Dr. P used both thyroid and adrenal extracts at the same time on some of his patients. Perhaps one of them will respond as to how they are doing.


Hi Most Endo`s think best to get the thyroid right first, mainly going by blood results, TSH , T4 and Free T3. then depending on the adrenal test, treatment for those too. this is because often the adrenal glands improve vastly on the correct thyroid treatment. The only test my Endo says is any good for Adrenals, is a 24 hour urine collection, with a cortisone tablet at midnight ( script) and a blood test at 9 am.

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..may be worth taking a look at Paul Robinson's website - He is a member of this forum and now has a new book....He does cover Adrenals well - as do others of course.


Hi Heloise, thank you for your rely. Which adrenal supplements are you trying, where did you get them and where did you get T3? Yes, please Dr P patients, let us know about how extracts have helped?

Hi Jackie, thank you, very informative. Test thyroid first then adrenal, then treat thyroid and adrenal if necessary?

Hi Marz, thank you for the link, does everyone suggest I read Barry Durant Peatfield's book first?


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