Test results after increase in T3....advice please

After my new endo who has agreed that I should be on T3 only, doubled the dose to 40mcg daily, I now have the test results taken this week.

I see my endo next week and want to have information I can use if necessary so please look at these results and let me know what you all think.

T3 6.4 (4.2 to 6.9)

T4 7.6 97.7 to 20.6)....obviously low because I don't take T4 but I assume my body still makes some itself?

TSH 6.10 (0.3 to 4.8)

Im not sure if I should be taking notice of the TSH as the figures are skewed by only taking T3. But should it be lower than that? Should I still be looking towards getting a TSH near the bottom of the range? I want to know what I should suggest if the endo doesn't.

I see my GP on Monday. My GP is very anti T3 only and the endo told him it has to be that way. I haven't been to see him since he sent him the letter so also want to be prepared for anything he might say too. Im encouraged by the T3 figure because the last time it was done at half the dose, the level was 22! That scared me.

Many thanks

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  • Numberone1,

    FT3 looks to be optimal in the top third of range. FT4 is below range because you are taking T3 only. TSH is usually low or suppressed when FT3 is high in range. Perhaps your hypothalmus-pituitary-thyroid-axis feedback loop is not recognising when sufficient thyroid hormone is circulating. Hopefully your endo will be able to determine why TSH remains high.

  • My results have often been weird and i'llbe honest, I've often had a gut feeling about pituitary. If that is the case, what is the normal next stage do you know?

  • Numberone1,

    Your endo can order a pituitary function blood test and thyrotropin releasing hormone (TRH) test. Not sure how hypothalmus is tested if pituitary is functioning properly. Your endo can consult with Addenbrookes tertiary endos if necessary.

  • Silly question, perhaps, but did you leave a 12 hour gap between your last dose and taking the blood?

  • Yes definitely.

  • OK, best to check. :D

  • Thank you. This is really helpful. In my family we have Coeliac (aunt) as well as hypothyroidism, my daughter has type 1 diabetes.

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