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TSH - 0.08 FT4 -22.5 follow up with results

Hello everyone

I had posted about my TSH level last week and I have now spoken to the doctor by phone who gave me the FT4 result which is 22.5, which she told me is too high. The lab range highest number was 21.5. Anyway I was on 125mcgs daily, but now she has asked me to take alternate days 100/125 instead.

I did ask her about the summer months maybe being a contributory factor as I would not need so much thyroid hormone to keep me warm, but she said this is not how it works. Anyway have to have another test in two months. She seemed slightly at odds with the fact that I am having these tests more regularly as normally you only get a blood test annually. This maybe because of budget controls:)

Best wishes


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It is quite right to do an additional test shortly after a dose change. Used often to be six weeks, but there seem to be more people being told eight weeks. Annual tests are usual once on a stable dose.

Did you take your levothyroxine in the hours before the blood draw for your test? FT4 rises very noticeably for two hours or more after taking your tablet(s) and then slowly drops back over the following hours.

Did you have your blood draw early in the day when TSH is at its highest (in most people)?



Hello Rod

No I did not take my levothyroxine prior to getting a blood test, which was about 10am that morning.

Thankyou for your response.





Many people would disagree with your GP about winter/summer amounts of thyroid replacement needed as they definitely feel better on a slightly raised dose in the winter.

The most important thing however is how you feel. You may feel OK on this changed dose of 100/125. Keep a record if there are any symptom changes and talk to your doctor about them. Your symptoms are a better guide than lab test numbers but many doctors do not appreciate that fact.

Jane x


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