How can I access my old post, as early as 2011? or have these been deleted?

I am trying to find my old questions and post from 2011, the reasons why, is that I'm in the process of a second opinion and I can't find my old blood test and answers that I logged on here for advice and interpretation . I have gone on to profile then public profile and it seems only to go back a couple of weeks. Have original and past post been deleted? Thanks x

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  • Hi Merissa, see previous answers here

  • Hi red Apple, I have done as suggested however still having difficulty, retreating past post and answers. Hope I can get these back.:) xx

  • Merissa, when I go to your profile, I can see all your Posts and Questions going back a couple of years.

    Click the link below, then you should see three tabs called Activity, Questions and Posts. If you click the tabs for Questions, you will see all your old questions. Similarly clicking the tab for Posts should show you all your old posts.

  • Thanks hunny, how strange, I can access, my answers to questions and post, but not my questions and post a few post but not past post. Ummm I wonder if it's because I am on my kindle and not my lap top. Dunno, will retry later, how far can you go back? Sorry to ask red Apple, I'm slightly confused:) x

  • You can access all your actual Qs and Ps from the day you joined. Yes maybe it's a problem with the site not working correctly on a Kindle, so do try it from your laptop.

  • Here is the oldest of your Posts from two years ago (was called blogs then!)

    and the oldest of your Questions, also two years ago

  • Your a Angel, dunno what I'm doing wrong then.I press on Merissa, then click on profile and I can only read 're ent post, maybe I need to check lap top. Thanks for that, I am sure I will get there.;) x

  • RedAngel?

  • :)

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