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Private Blood Tests for T3

I want to get my blood test done privately by Blue Horizon in order that I can take the results to my GP.

I have been taking T3 only (on the advice of Dr P) and I feel great on it. Im not sure Im at the right levels still hence the blood test being needed.

Can someone remind me if the Free T3 and Free T4 is what I need to establish if Im on enough T3 obviously along with TSH.

Im not sure if I need to go with the plain T4 and T3 results.

thank you for your advice.

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If you mean total t3 and total t4, when you say plain, I don't think those numbers are important. This has many links in the heading which may help you find your answer. Most articles are assuming people are taking either T4 or a T4/T3 combination but this article is all about T3.


Sorry yes, I mean total. I really want to know what my T3 levels are now Ive been on T3 for 6 months with no T4.

What tests would show this correctly. Is it free T3?


I also understand that my T4 will probably be low because Im on only T3 but then again my T4 has always been very low over several years so that wont mean much to me.


Right about the T4 but there are some here who have been on T3 only and can probably tell you what level they strive for. I suppose it would be no more than the top of the range from your particular lab. Yes, FREE T3 which is the unbound usable T3 in your bloodstream.


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