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Feeling weird and spaced out after fna


Finally got my scan on my thyroid swelling today after inconclusive xrays and delayed xray results. Cons referred to the swelling as a lesion and did a fine needle biopsy there and then. His comments on scanning were gosh what a complicated mess wguch has done nothing to ease my worries. I was a bit wigged out after having the biopsy done there and then si didn't ask any questions and now my neck is very sore and I am feeling very very tired and really spaced out - is this normal? I feel like i did just before I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia a month or so ago and started on b12 jabs (plus having to use sublinguals as am sure jabs arent often enough). Plus I have to wait until the 25th sept to get the results so feeling lost in limbo once more.

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I would say the pain in your neck is normal, and should subside within a few hours. Its made worse by tension, try to relax it and forget about it, or take some mild painkillers if you think it will help ease it.

No idea on the spaced out feeling, again could be stress/anxiety, which can do all sorts of weird things. If say see if it goes away on its own if not tell your GP.

Maybe read a book in a nice hot bubble bath will help both :)

Hope your results come back ok, try to chill and forget about it until then. good luck


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