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Is my thyroid struggling during the luteal phase of my menstrual cycle?

My thyroid was borderline underactive for over 12 months, then went overactive, then crashed and stayed under active. I have been on thyroxine since April this year. I'm currently taking 75mcg and at my last blood test in August my tsh was 2.4 and I was feeling much better. I still do feel better it's just that I am experiencing terrible pmt which I have never had before.

During the week before my period I feel physically unwell like I did with my thyroid- flu like aches & pains, headaches, nausea, brain fog. Psychologically I feel so low for a week and I'm not myself at all. It affects my work, my relationship with my partner and my performance at swimming (I swim on a regular basis in a team). It is horrid and I really can't do another month of this.

I wondered whether my thyroid was struggling during that week and it was causing symptoms even though it's normal, is this possible? I also experience a lot of breakthrough bleeding during my cycle as well although my hormone tests have always been normal (they do think my thyroid has been the reason I havent been able to conceive for 2yrs and possible cause of recent miscarriage)- I have had them repeated this month and get the results this week.

Does anyone have any advice or have experienced this? Would a higher dose of thyroxine help during that week?

Any info would be great :-)

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Hi sparrow , I have been in medication for 18 months now and suffered bad PMT and really long periods followed by migraines , like you I posted on this site and was told this sometimes happens but should settle with time which has shown to be true . I still get tired during my period but all in all so much better , hope this helps x


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