Has anyone visited the Endocrinology department of Addenbrookes hospital Cambridge?

My partner has complex issues, on top of her Hypothyroidism she has an Ovarian Fibroma (tumour) we saw a Gynaecological surgeon but he won't go ahead with exploratory surgery/removal until her thyroid hormones are in check claiming it's 'too risky'. We are desperate for help now and Addenbrookes has a good (internet) reputation. Has anyone been there?

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  • Have PM'd you.

    Moggie x

  • Thank you Moggie.

  • I am only half hours drive from Cambridge and would also be very interested as to if there is a good service for thyroid sufferers.....

  • All I can say about Addenbrooks is that it did not get very good reviews when there was a "hospital" section on here. The hospital section used to allow you to find your local hospital and add or read comments from others on this site that had visited that particular hospital. That's not to say that consultant have changed and things might have improved.

    Moggie x

  • Yes I remember the hospital section, it was a good idea. Thanks for your response.

  • yes I had a rude reply from a particular one wanted to see ad had a bad experience with a spinal surgeon at addenbrookes- hard to believe eh?

  • It was a very helpful section but when they upgraded the site they decided not to include it anymore - shame.

    Moggie x

  • I am currently attending Addenbrookes. I have nothing but praise for them. I first attended in April. I had a blood test taken prior to seeing the consultant. Kidneys, liver, bone density, TSH, T4 , T3, FT4 and FT3 tested. They then retested the thyroid bloods again and this took 3 weeks for results because they tested them in different labs to c heck results the same. Consultant was only person to feel my thyroid and he suggested an ultrasound on thyroid. This showed that I had hashimos, the antibodies had been tested and were very high. I have growths on my thyroid which I would not have believed I have and an enlarged thyroid. My neck does not look swollen and I have no problem swallowing. I have a biopsy on 17th September fingers crossed everything ok. Last week I had a Thyroid stimulation test and I see consultant at end of month when hopefully I should have a diagnosis. Seem to know what they are talking about. My only concerns have been that I have had to chase them to remind them about tests they have said they would undertake. The endocrine system is a very complex system and a lot of symptoms relating to thyroid can also be symptoms of other conditions. I think they are thorough and seem to be very knowledgeable.

  • Thats really good to hear its just a shame that there is now nowhere on this site to log this information. Consultants are always changing in hospitals and it looks as though the endocrine dept in Addenbrooks has improved - which can only be good news for any thyroid sufferer that is referred there.

    You might want to PM tony63 with the name of your consultant as personal experience has shown me that you can have two endo's in the same clinic with totally different views on thyroid illness and how to treat it.

    Moggie x

  • Thank You for your reply Chickens12. I have PM you.

  • Hi. I was wondering if you can PM me with your consultants name. I've also been to Addenbrookes but didn't have as good experience, so am curious who you saw there.

  • yu were lucky to get a decent endo then at addenbrookes then

  • I agree.

  • Thank you everyone for your replies.

  • I'd say they seem somewhat good, but not so much if you are unfortunate enough not to respond well to T4 - they don't believe in NDT or T3 only there, nor anything more than a very small dose of T3 when T4+T3 therapy is tried.

  • Thank you Hansaplatz

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