after 2 sleepless nights from (abdo painand discomfort-after op)woke again with tightness inneck and 2 lumps at top an dbottom.sore throat feeling and difficulty swallowing.each time i lower my head ,feel the tightness in neck.have seen my dr and ddi lose weight a year ago in arms legs abd bum.abdomen still more swollen(from op??)

should I wait until my appt withmy own dr on 5th or see the female dr I have seen twice recently inhope that fresh ears might listen?

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  • How is your own doctor? Is he/she good and listens to you or would you like to try the other one. If your usual doc doesn't really listen or seem to know about thyroid then I would see the new one.

    Jo xx

  • he is good and the best dr in the practice-trouble is every one sees him even if they are registered with someone else but lately it is like no one is listening to me.the other drs are temproary and they come and go .I can definitely tell my dogs sense something .take photos of them looking sad and morose to show the dr how they are.

  • Hi I meant to say that the 5th is quite a long time away so just go for the other one or make an earlier apt with your usual doc.

    Jo xx

  • will see if there is another appt with her.but really the issues i have are with my own dr.

  • As you are in pain, I would see the first available GP. There is no reason you cannot see the usual one on the 5th so he/she's kept in the loop.

  • thanks shaws

    the appt with one other dr I would be prepared to see was taken today.i am able to book my appts online now but here are very few with my own dr.

    I think all doctors are able to see all patients notes as they refer back

    to them at appts.

    the appt with my own dr I made cos when i saw him in july he said see me in 2 mths time.

  • ihtought I ahd not submiited this as it ddint appear on my activity

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