Weight lose and diverticulitis

Just been diagnosed with diverticulitis. I am also losing weight. Has anybody else experienced this? Thanks Linda

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Sorry Linda I have never heard of this - what is it and what are the symptoms.

Moggie x


It is a problem with the bowel x


and do you think that it is linked to thyroid issues? What are the symptoms?



I think it is thyroid related. The metabolism is slower with hypoT and waste gets trapped in pockets in bowel. This can go unnoticed or can cause pain in lower left bowel area x


Hi Linda

Have you been diagnosed with diverticulitis where there is an infection with fever or do you have diverticular disease?

My sister who is hypo also has diverticular disease and although these 'pockets' can be quite common and don't always cause symptoms, I believe the slow metabolism with thyroid issues means the stools can get trapped and then cause pain or even infection.

More to the point I think the mounds of medication she is given contributes to her bowel issues and problems with severe constipation, particularly Dihydrocodeine.

Hope you get it sorted soon as it must be very painful.


Hi I was diagnosed with diverticulitis. I can't blame medication as I am only on T3! x


Good that's one less thing to consider then. Most likely to be the impact (no pun intended) of slow metabolism meaning movement of waste is slowed down and can then cause the infection in the pockets where it can collect. Hope you get it sorted soon as I understand it can be very painful x


Thanks for the explination - you live and learn dont you.

Sorry I cant help though although some of what you are saying is ringing some bells with me.

Moggie x


Hi Linda,

Have you been diagnosed with a thyroid gland problem? I looked at your profile and there is no history.

Some people do lose weight whilst hypothyroid although most complain of weight gain.

This is a good article.


I have found in the last few months that my stomach was playing up. The GP said I had acid reflux but on reading I now know hypo are usually low acid so I have been taking 1 tablespoon before meals of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water (some add a little honey) (this is my third week) and it has helped quite a bit.


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Hi Shaws, Yes I do have Hypothyroid diagnosed in 2004. Am now on T3 only. I tried the apple cider vinegar, but sadly in made the diverticulitis worse ( I think!) Have seen Dr S and Dr P and Dr B. They all think I have underactive adrenals but cannot get anywhere with my GP. What a nightmare its turning into x


I've had DV disease some time- but the good news is that most people over 50 have a touch of it according to the hospital nurse, last time i had a barium whatsit!

I found the best management was to stay off hybrid wheats as much as possible [I'm not coeliac] and used Spelt flour/bread for years. I do go on periods of wheatfree and feel better- but it's easy to slip back as wheat in in a lot of stuff.I know this works for me when I need to slip back to recovery mode.

The other thing you could try is Kefir which is a PRE biotic and truly live- It keeps opportunistic bugs at bay and settles your poor old gut into a friendly place for you- as it ought to be.

I think you should find cultures easy to source in Italy as trad foods like this are more common.

Those two things will boost your immune system no end -and assist with thyroid meds efficacy, also. Good luck!

[PS: Don't forgot the B12, Iron,Zinc(+copper) and Selenium levels]


Hi Tegz, Sorry I did not reply before (thought I had! must be age and brain fog) I will try to source Kefir,but confused about ref to Italy as I am in the Uk!


Yeah-cross threaded myself :) Too far to go for special batch anyway! The rest should stack though..


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