Why does the screen have to bounce and roll so much!!!

Of all the problems with this site, I cannot understand why the screen has to bounce and roll so much. Every time I try to read a post the screen bounces, then when you go back to the list of questions or posts it bounces right back to the beginning and you have to scroll down all over again. I've never seen any other forum do this. Can't we go back to the old version before everyone gives up and doesn't come here any more.

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  • although I havnt had your problems with the new site , I had others that sent me up the wall, I can only say persevere with it -- even though it can send you batty at times -- it will come good , I contacted louise at admin, because with the help/support/advice and above all else empathy that comes from the good people on this site myself and my lady have been able to 'stand in the light at the end of the tunnel' .... IT WILL BE WORTH IT ....

  • Alan - thanks for sticking with us. :) xxxx

  • no problem louise , I stand by everything I say with 100% conviction ----without this site WE would have been like the proverbial vicar without a congregation ----- and I can only try to pass on my info to others so they may be helped or to allow them to help themselves --- I will be contacting you in the very near future [ you may well be 'slightly surprised ' when I do ] [ hopefully ] .....alan

  • Without doubt the great people who contribute to this site are wonderful and give so freely of their time to help others. The advice is second to none. My only criticism is of the functionality of the new site. It just is not right.

  • please , please , please , remember this 'new site' change WILL be fixed [ in time ---- even though it may be exasperating for us users ] .....and those of us that are techno idiots WILL GET THERE ....as you so rightly stated this site is not about ' the site ' but about the USERS ....please persevere ------ it can only help ...or at the very least allay your fears/trepidations etc.....WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER nomatter where we are within this planet.....LoL alan

  • Hi

    Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry, but the old version of the site will not be coming back.

    We have regular contact with the Tech team and Communities Support at HU and we are constantly feeding back concerns from ourselves and our members.

    We are expecting some improvements over the coming weeks, but will continue to send through people's concerns and feedback.

    Please feel free to do the same - support@healthunlocked.com - emails are not always replied to personally, but all comments are noted.

    Thank you for trying to stick with us - please rest assured that we are fighting your corner, it is very important to Thyroid UK that we have a place for people to get information and support and we are working to make it as user friendly as possible.



  • Thank you for your reply Louise. I've just typed a fairly long reply and it has been lost! Just completely disappeared after I typed it. The other replies I did were successful. I'll try again some other time.

  • I also have the bouncy screen!! :-o

  • Same here plus it is soooooo sloooow.

    Jo xx

  • It certainly is!

  • I thought it was me but the site has brain fog.

  • I haven`t had this with this site, but I have on others. I always thought that it was my laptop malfunctioning.

  • Hi All

    The tech team are aware of the slow site problem and are working on it as we speak...

    I have also sent feedback regarding the bouncing screen...



  • what more can any of us hope for .....but for YOUR immediate response to an emerging problem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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