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Hi, Could I have something wrong with my adrenal glands?


I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism last week - I had many of the classic symptoms. For the last 6-8 weeks I have developed large brownish skin discolouration around the inner elbows on both arms. My blood tests also showed that my inflammatory markers were up - serum C reactive protein 25.02 (0-5). Could I have something wrong with my adrenal glands or am I worrying over nothing?

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No expert on things thyroid but I'm pretty sure I've read about vitiligo being connected to thyroid and autoimmune conditions so it might be worth checking it out. I'm sure someone will know more than me though :)

emerson in reply to Hidden

Thanks mmu83. This is definitely a large (about 10-12cms long on both arms) brownish discolouration, like a hairdye has come in contact with the skin even though this has not happened. I'm just not sure of the connection between being hypo and also having the possibility of adrenal problems - if anyone can help and put it into plain english for me I'd be grateful. x

I've read that discoloration around the neck may mean diabetes but I don't know about the elbows.

This comparison of thyroid and adrenal problems might help you decide:


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Thank you Heloise for your reply. I found the article very interesting, some of my symptoms do fall into the adrenal fatigue section. Since I was only diagnosed hypo last week I'm still finding it hard to understand the relevance of T3 and T4 so I've saved the article so I can compare my blood results with it. Thanks again x.

Heloise in reply to emerson

Very good, you will also find the more you learn about the conditions, the better you will be for it. This website has been educating me for years and years and can answer many of your questions honestly and without prejudice unlike the medical systems that prevail.



Best wishes.

emerson in reply to Heloise

Very interesting Heloise, now I'm starting to understand a bit about how important it is to get and treat this disease, I've saved this piece on my laptop - many thanks x


Hi nostoneunturned, I did the online test as honestly as possible and it turned out that I have severe adrenal stress with 13 possible predisposing incidents (have long history of illness in and out of hospital like a yo-yo with MS, various surgeries, pneumonia, colitis, anaemia, gallstones, poorly functioning kidneys/liver etc and now hypothyroidism). I have an appt. next week with GP so I want to sort of know what I'm talking about so your post (like others) was most welcome. Thanks x


This is an image from the British Medical Journal of a degree of hyper-pigmentation due to Addison's disease:


It can be very much stronger - or almost not visible.


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Ho hum! Seems you have to be signed up to follow that link. Sorry.

Try this which has an explanation as to WHY the hyper-pigmentation occurs.




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