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New to here but diagnosed for 18 months with hypothyroidism

I need help trying to understand what on earth is going on, if the picture attaches you can see where my levels have been, i was initially prescribed 70mg a day and slowly increased to 175mg per day and then I had another episode of lethargy, fatigued quickly etc.

Had another blood test and that result was a TSH of 22mu/L this was after the previous result was 4.46mu/L (my first diagnosis result was 27.63mu/L)

I am now on 200mg a day and going for a neck scan, echocardiogram and to see an endocrinologist.

My main problem is now I can't seem to lose weight, I had previously lost 9st and everytime my doasge went up so did my weight, I've put nigh on 2st back on and I do excercise very regularly (4 classes and 3 gym sessions and 3 training session of roller derby)

Has anyone else had this happen and how do you cope ???

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That is bizarre. For some reason, it seems your T4???(is that what you are taking at 175 mcg.) does not seem to be working for you. T4 will always become T3 or reverse T3 so it would behoove your endo to seek the reverse T3 level in your blood. There is a ratio to look at but I doubt if you will get enough testing to figure that. stopthethyroidmadness.com/r...

I'm not knowledgeable enough to say what the other reasons for why your T4 is not producing results but I'm sure there are many. There are also reasons why T3 is being blocked as well.


tbh I don't even know the difference from t3-t4 not really had much explained, only that the level needs to be lower and they just up the dosage, I'm waiting for my first endo appointment.

Going for another blood test this week so will ask my GP for a full print out of my results


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