Hope she finds us

Hi All,

I met a woman last night whilst walking my dog and got talking to her, as you do. She said I looked tired and I explained that long working hours and thyroid illness do not go together. This statement started off an entirely new conversation about her son.

He was labelled at school as a naughty/disruptive child, had temper tantrums, couldn't concentrate, constantly wanted to be on the go, had restless leg syndrome and was a huge worry to his mum, dad and sister. He hated school and the label that had been put on him and the more he was told he was naughty or disruptive the worse he got, almost his whole school life was hell for him.

Fast forward FIVE YEARS and he has finally been diagnosed as hyperthyroid. This poor kid, and his family, have been through hell and back and even now he is not on any medication. All I could do was direct his poor mum to this site and advise her to read and learn as much as possible before his next doctors appt and commiserate with her on an appalling waste of his school years and encourage her to educate herself so that she can help her son. There is a history of thyroid illness on his fathers side of the family and his cousin has only just had her thyroid removed. The boys GP doesn't seem to be doing much, apart from tests, and unfortunately I could not answer many of her questions as I am hypo not hyper.

Hope she finds this site.

Moggie x

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  • ...as the Buddhists say - when you need to learn a teacher appears. Hope she finds us and can help her son. Your good deed for the day Moggie....M x

  • The Marz wisdom - never heard that one before though.

    Moggie x

  • ....it came from Joyia when I mentioned another bit of Buddhist wisdom a little time ago.....x

  • Clever chaps those Buddhist's.

    Moggie x

  • You think so? A relative is a Buddhist and proclaims that bad things only happen to bad people so when bad things happen to me/anyone else it is just "karma", I/they deserve it all. I only hope that his expression of the Buddhist tenets is one that Buddha would not recognise as it seems to me that the inherent logic is that evildoers actually are doing good (!!) and no need to feel compassion for the victim deserves what happens.

  • That's to deep for me - I thought Buddhist's were peaceful people.

    Moggie x

  • They are!

  • Makes you wonder doesnt it - adults especially women get fobbed off with depression, hypochondria etc, etc, etc. looks like this poor little guy (and his mother) may have been fobbed off as 'hyperactive or ADHD' Surely the doctor ought to have sent him to see an endocrinologist as soon as he was found to have a hyperactive thyroid.

    As for meeting scene who knew about thyroid problems - life moves in mysterious ways at times.

    Liz x

  • That's exactly what he was fobbed of with - ADHD - he's been diagnosed five months now and still no treatment, poor kid.

    Moggie x

  • Awful when you think that I was able to guess that without even seeing the poor kid isn't it!

    Liz x

  • And sad, so very sad.

    Moggie x

  • It's very strange how we suddenly meet all these people with thyroid disease.Children are rarely expected to have thyroid problems and it makes you wonder about all those kids on ritilin.Well done Moggie and I'm sure she'll find us x

  • Saw the mum again last night and gave her print outs from the main thyroiduk website - cant do any more so hopefully she will take my advice.

    Moggie x

  • I hope she does.I have given out info quite a few times to different people but they don't always take it on board-perhaps because they are too ill. I always think-well at least I've tried to get the message over.x

  • I know that feeling but she hasn't got that problem has she - being to ill - as its her son who needs the help.

    Here's hoping.

    Moggie x

  • It seems the medical profession just want to deny all thyroid problems. Could be because they haven't learnt about them at Med School. Or if they treated thyroid problems optimally then they would not have to give medication for other problems and big pharma would not make any money! Janet.

  • Poor kid – hope his mother finds us so she can get guidance towards getting him the help he needs. And as knowledge of thyroid condition grows among patient groups, hopefully more good deeds like Moggie's will be done and people who have been hitherto undiagnosed will be pointed towards doctors who can actually help them. x

  • I have pasted it and posted it to my Brother in Law and Nephew in the hope that they will BLOODY WELL LISTEN to me!

  • When I was in hospital recently having a stent put in a lady in the next bed to me as soon as I saw her I knew she was hypo! When I over heard her talking to a Dr/ nurse about what medication she was on I heard 175 mcg of Levo. Then I told her all about this site and hopefully she will join us in her quest to regain health. I was on 25mcg of Levo for years until I came across this site and still very hypo. Now I am on Levo and T3 and a lot lot better. Without this site I would not have learnt so much. Once again thank you to the people on here who run this and others who contribute so much.

  • and so say all of us.


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