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Goiter is starting to press on my throat uncomfortably - can anyone tell me the criteria for having thyroidectomy? Thanks

I'm hypothyroid with Hashimoto's and the goiter in my neck is starting to become uncomfortable - it feels like there is something stuck in my throat the whole time. When are thyroids taken out? Is it a good idea? Are only hyper ones removed? Thanks for any info.

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Hi, if you haven't already, you need to be referred to a surgeon or endo or both. You will need ultrasounds and scans first. I'm not sure there is a set criteria for having a thyroidectomy- I lived with a goitre for 9 years and then had it removed as it was large and ugly and like you, was pressing on my throat. If you can feel it pressing, then I guess it's enough to warrant surgery.

I had toxic multinodular goitre and was hyper at times and it was not a problem for surgery. Take care


Hi - this is really interesting to me. It's taken over a year to be diagnosed and have only been on thyroxine for 3 months but the pain in my throat really keeps coming back to bite me. It subsided for a month but has flared really badly recently to the point where swallowing is difficult and my whole neck is in pain. I have hashi's and inflammation/cysts on thyroid.

I can get used to the discomfort/ feels like being strangled, but the pain can get quite intense and nothing seems to take the edge off. Plus I sound like my voice is about to break.

Should we/I be giving thyroxine more of a chance?


Hi pennyrose. I feel a bit guilty now because mine is nowhere near as bad a yours - it isn't really painful, but the feeling of being strangled is unpleasant. The only up side is sounding like Marlene Dietrich!

I read that the right amount of thyroxine should halt the growth and maybe even improve things, but it sounds like you need a referral for surgery really - if you're suffering like that I would ask my GP. Take care


Aw! Don't worry and don't feel guilty! We're all in the same boat and I think anything that makes our day to day lives unpleasant should be addressed. Are you going to speak with your endo about it? Last week when it was bad I was desperate to rip it out myself, haha! My GP was sympathetic (and possibly suspicious that I was trying to get drugs!) but she said to give the increase of Levo a month.

I will, because surgery feels a little extreme. But I completely understand your feelings and wanting it out!

Oh, with you on the voice....I vary from sounding like a sexy rock star to boy going through puberty!


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