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Can anyone tell me how to remove posts please?


I posted a couple of separate questions on this Forum a couple of weeks or so ago and no-one was able to help me or reply. I have since managed to find out some answers from a consultant so there is no need for my questions to be here anymore, and I would like to delete them. ;-) Many thanks.

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Hi, click on the little arrow under your Post, and then click edit or delete.

Thanks .. the arrow wasn't appearing before on my screen for some reason but has done so now. Seems silly to leave them on when I have found out what I want and they are not of use to anyone since no one replied. ;-)

What would be quite nice is if instead of deleting you had followed up with a comment on what you have been told. This could help others who might have a similar question. You would be surprised how helpful we can be to others without even knowing it. Many members when they first join spend quite a lot of time reading other peoples' questions and the comments.

Marie XXX

NeonkittyUK in reply to marram

Hi Marie, I do always on the NRAS site ;-) All the time! I am very active, helpful, supportive and informative on there for a long, long time! I could not really give anyone here any advice that wasn't already given re my deleted posts, once I looked a bit further and read more posts as so many here have a lot of experience and advice. Theirs covered what I was asking which was why I did not respond and as no-one had responded I wondered at first if mine had not been seen. Basically my nodule is being monitored and has shrunk down slightly and some thickening of the gland in general has now returned to normal. Back in three months for usual blood tests and another scan in six months. There were just so, so many in depth posts on Graves/nodules that I could not get through them all with the amount of appointment and things I had on about a month ago so only just got round to reading more this past week! This group is very active and informative! ;-) Compared to NRAS I get three or four posts a day from that and usually a dozen or more from Thyroid. My reason to delete was it seemed silly to leave something on there "hanging" as such when there was no response for someone to read or benefit from, that's all. If I see anything here I can help with I will indeed but people are so much more clued in than me on thyroid issues. Thank you for replying though, Marie. Hope you are well. xx

I agree with Marie. I get so bamboozled that I miss an awful lot, and I would have been really grateful to read what you had learned, especially since I probably didn't have a clue about the answers to your questions in the first place and therefore would not have thought it helpful to add to the 'noise'.

I'm wondering if there is a bit of disappointment behind your post. Because I have to say, I too find it somewhat upsetting when I don't get answers to questions I ask. But don't think it is because people don't care or can't be bothered - I think that it is easy to miss a question for help amongst so many posts on such a busy forum. When I have persisted, I have found people are really kind and take the time to answer as fully as possible. You just have to persist, sometimes.

We need people like you who have the ability to wrangle answers from consultants to spread the knowledge. :O

NeonkittyUK in reply to Schenks

None whatsoever, Schenks! I don't expect people to be able to read everything! ;-) Especially given the amount of posts here. Makes one realise just how many people are experiencing thyroid issues. :-( Had I still needed some advice I would have come back and asked, I assure you. I am still being monitored for the small 5mm nodule which has shrunk a little and the slight general thickening/inflammation of the gland in the other side has also returned to normal (which I wasn't even told had thickened before??) so I go back for my usual bloods end of December and another scan in six months. My bloods were right in the middle of normal (TSH and F3) and not much more to tell. Wrangling answers .. have this mental image of me twisting the Endo's arm up his back! LOL. Perhaps some need it. Mine is laid back but often this can be confusing! xx



I agree with the above responses to your question, which has been answered now. It is unusual not to have some response.

As you know we are not medically qualified (usually) and we can only respond by our own experience.

I think the major flaw in Healthunlocked is since they changed from the original two columns which were Posts (mainly containing important information from publications etc) and Questions and lumped them together under Posts. Everything moves off the front page so quickly now.

NeonkittyUK in reply to shaws

Thank you Shaws. I have not taken offence, no worries ;-) I just thought it looked odd if someone come along and read it and then thought .. waste of time me reading that long post, as no-one responded! As you can see from my other replies, I quickly detailed that all is being monitored for myself, and I managed to read other similar questions to mine once I had time to go through the topics. Such a lot of detailed posts. I agree it seems to be a bit more confusing with the changes, as I see this in NRAS too but guess we will get used to them. I will ask again if I have a question. It hasn't put me off. I haven't gone off in a huff, promise! Anything but ;-) Thank you.

shawsAdministrator in reply to NeonkittyUK

Good to hear :)

I agree with marram, everything posted in here helps a lot! Thank you!

Amazing, isn't it, how everything has suddenly woken up! Neonkitty, thanks for your reply, and as you can see it really did set some people off! Just thought I would say that I have Graves'.

Quick history - diagnosed age 13, subtotal thyroidectomy age 18 (nothing could control it).

All fairly quiet until age 30 or so, then it flared up again, diagnosed with Toxic Nodule and eventually at age 36, had that removed along with the rest of my thyroid, since once again nothing could control it and I ended up in hospital with Thyroid Storm.

Of course, I have been hypothyroid ever since, 30 years of levo-only, always ill, then I suddenly woke up to the fact that I didn't NEED to be ill, despite what my GP kept telling me. Went on T3-only and it changed my life. For various reasons I am now in the process of trying to change to Natural Desiccated Thyroid to see how I get on. Only my third week and not completely moved over yet.

So there you have it - a bit of a chequered history!

Marie XX

NeonkittyUK in reply to marram

Hi Marie ... thank you for your history .. very useful and informative. That has indeed been very eventful for you to say the least and to have it so young. I am sure you hoped that after the subtotal thyroidectomy you were going to settle and leave the thyroid madness behind and not continue in your 30's. I am not quite sure how a nodule is deemed to be "toxic". How does one know if their nodule is toxic? I have not had anything like this discussed with me and was told it looks a regular small nodule. Is it when it is shown to be making excessive amounts of hormone beyond what meds can control? When it puts out too much hormone.

I know what thyroid storm is (scary I can imagine, Marie :-( ) as my Endo used to say when I was first diagnosed with Graves in 2006 that he did not ever want this to happen .. so he was monitoring me and my bloods very closely. Every few weeks at first as I went down to under six stones and my eyes and neck were horrible. Thank goodness that soon went. It has to be so frustrating to then be under active and taking Levo. A friend if mine can't get them to get her dose right and she is very unhappy with her situation. I don't know too much about hypo so will be reading up about the natural dessicated and will tell her too and to look on this site. Many thanks once again. Have you made the change in med yourself or did a consultant/GP have to approve? I very much hope it gives you the stability you need NK xx

marram in reply to NeonkittyUK

Yes, it is toxic because it is pouring out thyroid hormones regardless of the TSH level. I wish that they would make more effort to cure the underlying autoimmune disease rather than just whipping out or zappint the thyroid. After all, the thyroid is not at fault.

I have been to see Dr BDP and he has given me the initial help which has enabled me to make the change. I can arrange a telephone consultation if I have any particular concerns, so I have the support I need, even though I am buying my own meds.


NeonkittyUK in reply to marram

I'm glad to hear you have the support, Marie. I know how hard the thyroid is to fathom out .. understatement! However I was told my out of control RA was to blame in triggering it off so another auto-immune madness! xxx


I'm so sorry no-one replied to you - even to say 'I don't know'. We are victims of our own success in a way - there are so many posts, and so much accumulated information in old posts, that occasionally (not often) we miss someone. I'm glad to hear you will return at need. And share info.

NeonkittyUK in reply to Hidden

No worries thank you, Humphrey ;-) ... posts often get pushed down the page on places like this. I understand entirely. There are such a lot of new posts and information each day it is hard indeed to keep up with it all. I found most of the info I wanted this week when I eventually had chance to read through more things on here. Also my endo does not always give overly detailed reports or feedback. This time two weeks ago, I quizzed him quite a lot more! I will indeed return to post/read and hopefully help too, although there are very experienced and much more knowledgeable people here.

Here's something on Graves if it's not too late:)

NeonkittyUK in reply to Heloise

Thank you ;-) will have a watch tomorrow. x

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