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Post op after TT with raging antibodies, Graves' disease ,TED, GORD gallstones, high blood pressure, anxiety, how will I ever get better?

My husband has had enough, he's just come home from work, I'm in bed extremely ill and he's not even checked up on me, my Dr is treating me appallingly, my husband just stood here like a wimp and let him jeer at me, he refused to read printouts from well respected GD sites and said my levels were fine, but as my antibodies were extremely high, and I just to give it time, I needs my gallbladder removing because of very painful gallstones, but he won't operate until my level are at optimum level, but my dr only tested TSH and T4 and he reckons my B12 is fine at 375 when it should be well over 500, and he will only prescribe T4 .... I am at my wits end..... I wish I was dead... I'm so alone and unwanted....

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Tish I have replied to the above in the Posts column.


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