Canary in the Coal Mine: Thyroid Disease

I am a fan of Dr. Chandler Marrs, PhD, (Hormones Matter) and the research she is doing and has done. This is from a recent newsletter. PR

"Over the last few years, it has become increasingly clear that there is a connection between medication and vaccine reactions and thyroid damage. It doesn't seem to matter which medication or vaccine, but more often than not, if an individual has a reaction to that drug, the thyroid will suffer damage. We don't know why the thyroid is targeted or whether those who experience adverse reactions had pre-existing but unrecognized disease before suffering from the adverse drug reaction, but we do know, that thyroid damage is very common these cohorts of people. Here are some articles on what we've learned so far."

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  • This is interesting... Im going to read the links... I think i started having trouble after the dr put me on the pill for period pain.... I often wondered if there was a connection because (as you might expect) i put on lots of water weight and my metabolism seemed to slow down. When i stopped taking it, my body never really seemed the same. Thanks for this 😊

  • hellybaybee, for more reading on birth control and its effects I would suggest Dr. Kelly Brogan. She is a fierce women's health advocate. PR

  • Oooh thanks i will!

  • I was diagnosed underactive after being given Gentamicin antibiotic intravenously while hospitalised for a virus.

    They tested my thyroid as I was having tachycardia & they thought it would show over-active.

    I may have been going hypo & this caught it,or did the drug cause it!

  • Thank for posting. I found this really interesting. I have had ruptured achilles for many years and would never have linked this and the many other conditions I now have to the taking of an antibiotic I may have taken all those years ago. It all makes such sense. When my achilles ruptured my then GP would do nothing and told me to go away and lose weight so I have put up with the pain ever since. A few years later I had to have a hysterectomy due to extreme periods and pain. More weight gain. Osteoarthritis diagnosed 2011 after a fall where my knees were injured and now diagnosed with sero neg RD, fibromyalgia, gerd, sjorgens and more weight gain. I have said all along that I thought my thyroid was not right (mainly because I cannot lose weight and have symptoms of hypo) but no doctors want to listen.Its because they are no longer trained the old way and its all about big pharma. Rant over. Thanks. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

  • Thanks for posting PR. I am convinced my thyroid problems were caused by over-use of antibiotics.

  • Oh blimey. When I think of all the courses of antibiotics I've had over the decades, some them quite long... At present I'm on doxycycline for a particularly bad attack of blepharitis. Now four days in to the course, I'm noticing the return of hypo symptoms that had finally begun to disappear following an increase in my T3 dose. I just hope they reverse once I finish the doxy.

  • When I was 18, my dentist insisted on x raying me every time I went for a check up. I know now that this wasn`t necessary, she was just trying to make more money. I`m wondering if this is why my thyroid is malfunctioning now.

  • Once your thyroid is 'damaged', can it ever repair? Like, if you don't have hashis or something chronic. If you had simply had a 'normal' run of stuff like dentist disasters, the odd dose of antibiotics and stress etc. And say that made you hypo. Once you'd reversed all the stresses, could your thyroid function properly without meds again? Also, does this mean thyroid meds could damage your thyroid and thereby cause dependency? Thanks ;)

  • I didn't read all links, but i want to point out, that if you have autoimmune hypothyroidism, the initial problem, is not with the thyroid, but the immune system. Anti biotic's, Fluoride, food issues, stress and a zillion other things, effect the immune system.

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