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Got an appointment with endo should I stop taking supplements


I have got an appt. to see endo in 5 weeks time and I am taking 2400iu. B12 daily and vit D 1000iu daily to maintain my increased vit D level. Should I stop the supplements before seeing endo in case he wants check them. Also B12 level was 377 - 3 months ago and I have not had it tested since but I am still getting numbness, tingling and pins and needles, should I be taking more? Any advice would be greatly appriatiated.

Many thanks browny

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I am not an expert and I am sure there are people on here with more knowledge than me. All I can say is that when I first saw the endo I told him I was taking supplements and he just listed them as my everyday medication. It took about 6 months for me to notice a real change in my B12 levels - I take 1000mcg sublingual B12 daily on Dr S advice. I just asked my GP if I could have my levels checked as I had been taking supplements and would like to see if they were making a difference. Hope that is of some help. Although my tingling etc has improved I think some of it is related to my hypo symptoms too.


It's generally better to take B vits together- do you take a multivit, also? Your level is still sub optimal - 500 is a good figure to aim for and a test is good to confirm this.

I don't think neurological symptoms occur till much lower than your level but get advice -as something else may be running ,causing those.

A Folate check would be useful too as that is needed for B12 to work.

Vit D needs to be tested if taking it long term -but your dose is around a maintenance level so shouldn't be a problem, if you know your current position.

Sunshine is the best way to get Vit D- just don't overdo it! Just 10 mins a day is useful.


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