Got a job!!

I have Graves and have been on carbimazole for the last 2 years. This illness caused me to leave my last job some years ago. I recently applied for 4 jobs and got one. I start in September. Totally gobsmacked. I know that you guys both hypers and hypos will appreciate how difficult life can be with these thyroid illnesses and just what a big thing it is to get a job. Plus hardly told anyone yet and needed to let it out.

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  • Wow!!! How exciting is that. I am SO pleased for you. Well done

    Liz :-)

  • Well done.x

  • Nice one!

  • Brilliant, Well done, really chuft for you x

  • Well done babe xx

    Ann xx

  • Brilliant news!! Congratulations! Really pleased for you :)

    Carolyn xxx

  • I wish you well in your new job. Congratulations.

  • Great news - really pleased for you :) xx

  • CONGRATS AND WELL DONE!!! You will need to go out and celebrate :-)

  • Great news greenginger! Thanks for sharing and Good Luck with the new job next month.

  • Fantastic! Congratulations and all the best :-)

  • Congratulations and hope all goes well for you. Janet.

  • Congratulations! Things seem to be looking up for you :)

  • GREENGINGER I am so SO happy for you! way to go!

    can you tell us what your job will be? is it what you've dreamt for or just something to get you started back in employment as a 'platform' onto something else one day? :)


  • Thankyou everyone for your continued support. It is very good of you all.

    I just wanted to give people a little hope, that things can improve (maybe not for all time). I would not have thought this possible a few months ago.

    The job is kind of a backward step really (not in a negative way). It is working in an office, which I used to do years ago. I am just so pleased to have got it after a 6 years (or so) gap, raising my kids, I thought it would be harder to get back into work. It was only the fourth job I applied for so it came as a bit of a shock. Plus it was my first interview since 1995!

    Now I just need my hubby to come back from working abroad the last couple of weeks and I can have a glass of bubbly ( no more though coz I can't drink anymore).

    Once again thankyou for all the lovely support. :)

  • that's 'fab' Greenginger, your first interview since 1995, you've done well!!!! :) Have a lovely lovely time with hubby and bubbly (even rimes :D )

  • Will do thanks. Though I have to wait till he gets back in a few days time. :)

  • Congrats!! Mx

  • Yes, well done, great achievement. Give yourself a treat :-)

  • Hmmmm not thought of that. Good idea! :)

  • Fantastic news Greenginger! Although don't tell my husband, he'll be lining me up interviews as soon as I'm off the Carbi...

    H x

  • Yes that is the unfortunate side effect not mentioned on the bottle. I didnt expect to get an interview never mind the job so a bit of a shock really. ( The answer is to look but do not apply !!:) )

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