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hypothyroidism = my job is on the line!!

I have just been diagnosed with hypothyrpidism - one of my symptoms is confusion / brain fog (plus most other symptons) I've more recently been making errors at work. I have been put on an action plan by my boss & my job is on the line; Do I have any legal rights here because of this being a factor of the illness? What can I do? #worried :(

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Hi, it may be worth contacting Remploy, main enquiries phone number: 0845 155 2700, website They help people with disablities and health issues to get jobs and to remain in their employment. I was given their number by Macmillon when I was having problems at work over reduced hours and they were very helpful. They will arrange to meet up with you and go through your options and what is available to help you. They will also meet up with your employer aswell, if you wish.

Hope that helps you

Charlotte :)


Your covered under the disability/discrimination act then. They have to make reasonable adjustments/allowances for you.


By law Employers need to recruit a percentage of disabled people. They may be pleased that there figures will increase


Hypothyroidism goes hand in hand with other problems.

I am self employed and nearly lost my best client through severe brain fog. I won't even call it lack of concentration, it was more than that. The day would pass and I would wonder why things simply weren't getting done. I couldnt' think straight at all.

My problems were low iron and low vitamin B12. It would be worth getting your levels checked.


Thanks to all who have answered me, i feel abit more confident now, i will check out the website & get in touch with remploy - thanks! I spoke to my boss y'day about this condition & he has said to take a few days off & seems to understand where my tiredness is related. Also more time to see if these tablets kick in. I think i have let things get quite bad but now i can try to get better & improve things! this is an annoying condition as it's so up & down with a multiple of symptons. i do take multi vitamins - i have booked an apt with a Dr tomo as my stress levels have increased & feel depressed at the mo, but not sure i can take anything other than what i've just been prescribed (25mg levothyroxine) this week. Just the beginning, but thanks for info, glad ther is this site & others who understand this.


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