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Why are we made to feel guilty?

Did you watch "Long live Britain" last night? (BBC1 9pm). People were screened for the three "silent" killers. Heart disease Diabetes and Fatty Liver.Three quarters of the people were referred to their GP for further investigations.

The answer to all of the illnesses was a change in eating and more exercise. It was a good program but of course it made me feel guilty as I am overweight and have a fatty liver. No mention of underlying illnesses.

I don't drink very often or eat to excess,in fact as the list of don't eat get longer,I am finding it hard to fill a plate. BUT I do an underactive thyroid. When is anyone going to understand??

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Your correct, all of the above diseases mentioned could be due to undiagnosed/undermedicated thyroid gland disease.


I was giving out to my husband so much during that programme that he turned over! Completely agree with you. Exercise in particular can be extremely dangerous if you have an undiagnosed medical condition like Graves disease for example. And what's the point of a healthy diet if you can't absorb anything from your food. Just encapsulates the way GP's are being taught to think in this country. We're all fat, lazy, b****s who need patronising. Super gggrrrr. You can see why he turned over...


Hi Hamster,Well I must be up to us fat lazy b****s to educate the medical profession. (It is still available online.)


I have always thought of the BBC as the Gold Standard in televion viewing, but so many times I had been really annoyed with them for not giving the whole picture on a subject.

I didn't see the programme but it doesn't surprise me, even the news items give only part of the story - is it their researchers who are at fault?


How about getting rid of the guilt by changing the way one thinks. The Buddhists do not use the terms good or bad but instead refer to skilful or unskilful thinking. We can then look at a situation and ask ourselves are we thinking/acting in a skilful or unskilful way, this can be used for example when we are thinking about what we actually eat.


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