Do antibiotics affect thyroid meds?

Hi all, am on a short course of antibiotics for a mild chest infection and can't remember if they affect thyroid meds up or down. I ask because this is day three of five days course and i can once again hear the water pipes making a sort of orchestral sound, something i used to hear when hypo. No one else can hear it of course and i could just be peculiar, am perfectly prepared to believe that. ;-)

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  • Yes, some antibiotics interfere with the absorption of thyroid meds.

  • Antibiotics may block the liver from clearing Thyroxine and thereby artificially elevate the level for a few weeks.

  • Ah interesting thanks. Such a pain having to take them as they mess with my stomach and i have to reboot that again but needs must. Will keep an eye on blood pressure and temp. Thanks again.

  • They do destroy the good bacteria in the gut, are you taking probiotics? That helps.

  • Hi Laladrew, Sulphonamide antibiotics should not be taken with levothyroxine and not all doctors know this. I have suffered for the last six years after having Trimethoprim, although improving now, but still left with some skin problems, which dermatologists cannot or do not want to diagnose. It is beginning to look like psoriasis to me, but at least the coughing has stopped and my adrenal glands are healing, thanks to Dr BDP. Then of course, there is the dreaded Candida if you are really unlucky - hope you are not and come out of it better. Janet.

  • Yes am taking probiotics and it's amoxycillin j_bee so not sure if that's an issue. Taking Nature throid but feel I may need a little less now that there may be a prob clearing them. Last three tablets tomorrow, yipee! x

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