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Am I hot or ill?

Just cannot cool off. Chest was making crackling sounds last night, I do have mild/moderate COPD plus was sick 2 days ago. Feel rough ie even less energy, just burning up and feel like I'm breathing soup plus ankles have swollen.Now have a heat rash around my neck/collar bone. Hate this hot, humid weather. No other signs of chest infection apart from crackle, and on 50 mcg Levo, which I haven't taken today. Think that while I'm feeling so rough it may make me worse?

Very frustrated with letting people down due to feeling ill and hoping I won't have to for tomorrow. It's an open air event though and I'm suspecting heat stroke or pollen. Can being hypothyroid affect body temperature regulation?..

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I'm sure there are others on here who can give you a better answer than I can, but yes, I believe intolerance of heat or cold is a symptom that goes with hypoT. It's as if your body can't adapt, that the 'thermostat' is broken.

I find that if the temperature goes over 26C I just start feeling terrible. I don't even know what 26C is in old money, but that's my threshold. I don't seem to sweat so just get hotter and hotter and feel iller and iller. I find the best way to cool down and feel a bit better is to drape a wet towel over myself, especially around the neck and head, and sit in front of a fan - I suppose water and a breeze mimics sweating, but it does help enormously. Or ice cubes wrapped in a cloth, but you really need the combination of 'wet and windy'. I have even been known to tip a bottle of water over my head.

If outside I try to keep in the shade and find a breeze somewhere, and not move about very much. I take a little water spray with me (small empty spray bottles from Boots, qute unobtrusive), and spray it on my face and neck and arms. It really helps. I don't care if people notice - if I am in a situation where I can't get cooler somehow I would be sick, and they would notice that a darn sight more. :-D

I won't bore you with tales of the weird things I've done in an effort to keep cool. I don't do well in cold weather either, and prefer it warm and dry - but not boiling hot and humid. We lived in Florida for a while and I was very ill once it got to about March and the heat and humidity really started to get bad. Like breathing though wet cotton wool. Despite air conditioning, I couldn't adapt fast enough when going from inside to outside and back again. I was so ill we had to come back to the UK in the end, and I do miss the wonderful blue sea and white beaches.

I'm sorry you're suffering, and I don't think you'll be the only one . It's miserable, especially after the perpetual winter we've had, not to be able to enjoy a bit of sun. I'm afraid I don't know much about COPD and wouldn't like to comment, but if you have a temperature you may have a bit of an infection which would make things worse.

I don't know if the levo would make you feel worse, but probably if you feel sick best to go by your instincts. A day or two without it probably won't make much difference unless you're one of those who notice immediately if they don't take it. It stays in your system for several weeks.

I don't feel I've helped much except to say yes, intolerance of heat and cold certainly does go with HypoT. Hopefully somebody more expert will chip in. Hope you feel well enough to go to your event - be sure and wear a hat. :-)


I spray clothes with water to keep cool in this awful heat by evaporation. Bliss!


How long have you been diagnosed? 50mcg is a starting dose and should be increased after about 4 to 6 weeks usually about 25mcg each time. The aim is for your TSH to be below 1 and you feeling better.

As our metabolism is out of sync our body cannot function normally - whether hypo or hyper.

I would drink plenty of ice-cold water during warm weather.


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