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Let down by NHS 5 year's ago saw my GP with a feeling of something stuck in my throat, was told its stress, few months later back to see GP

With skin problems, vitilgo on arms, rosacea, rash on shins weight gain and extreme tiredness, prescribed creams and antibiotics receptionist said blood tests all normal no further action needed, saw my GP numerous time had a malignant melanoma treated with surgery, started getting burning painfull soles on my feet and palms of my hands more weight gain muscle aches and pains, tiredness puffy pale face, dark rimmed eyes, did not recognise myself in the mirror, again receptionist said blood tests normal no further action, really not feeling well but didnt know what to do, thought a holiday might sort me out, 1st day on holiday was admitted to hospital, palpitations sweating shaking thought i was having a heart attack, within 4 hours diagnosed with hyperthyroid, with large toxic multinodular goiter, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2diabetes, impaired kidney function, had xrays ct scans, mri scans, numerous blood tests fine needle aspiration, everything is now under control with medication, awaiting a date in a few weeks time for total thyroidectomy, my experience here in Spain has been 1st class And faultless, what has happened to the NHS

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A complaint is definitely warranted to Surgery and upwards:-

I think the British Thyroid Association as well as it shows the complete ignorance of clinical symptoms of thyroid gland conditions.

I am glad you have now been diagnosed and are being treated although it's not how you would have wanted to spend a 'holiday'. I hope you will be recompensed too.

Look forward to knowing how you are progressing.

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There will certainly be a complaint when i am feeling better after my op, the other symptom which i still have is depression and my ability to fight for my rights i have always in the past been a strong minded person but this thyroid illness really does affect every part of your body and mind i am so gratefull to the spanish hospital and all the staff for the care they have given me and the speed of my diagnosis, will keep you informed how i get on,

Regards linda


It's amazing that the Spanish doctors diagnosed you but the UK ones couldn't/didn't - due to the abysmal training it would appear they undergo which must miss out the thyroid gland plus symptoms altogether.


That is truly shocking Tatty. Just thank your lucky stars you finally met up with doctors who recognised what was wrong and you properly. Yu wonder what they thought of your treatment up until then don't you!

So many obvious symptoms staring your doctors in the face yet they still couldn't diagnose what was wrong - you really so wonder what is going on. No wonder you feel depressed - it is depressing! Apart from being hyped up and worn out from being hyper you must just be worn out just trying to get someone to listen to you.

Get well soon - are you still in Spain and where will you have the TT?

Liz x


Thank you to all who have replied to my post and for all your well wishes, I am still in Spain and will be staying here for my op, I have no trust in the NHS,here in Spain every single time I have blood tests or diagnostic tests I am given a copy of the results without even asking for them, everything is carefully explained, I am so glad that I am been treated at last and I have a diagnosis, feeling a bit scared of the surgery but I know it has to be done, will keep you all posted of my progress.

linda x



i'm not in the least surprised you have no trust in the NHS after all that has happened to you. Really pleased that you are getting such good care now, understandable that you are feeling a bit nervous about the op too but it all sounds like you are in good hands, just relax and feel all the good vibes we are sending to you. Liz :-)


Tatty10 your GP of five years ago should have a copy of this post.

It is just terrible that the ignorance persists. It is not as though it is some rare as yet unidentified tropical disease but one that has been identified two hundred years ago.

Glad for you that you took that holiday and wish you well.

There are at least two GP's in my practice that do not rely on the TSH test alone but unfortunately the treatment side they pass on to Endocrinologists (or General Specialists) who do rely heavily on the TSH alone.

It is always good to research and first find an Endo open to change.



That's amazing Tatty 10. I have so many of your symptoms especially the swollen throat. Think I'll go to Spain! Hope you are better very soon. Keep up posted!


Más de lo mismo, España !! :) [More ,please!]


what happened--- the conservatives happened ! they secretly, well not so secretly want to privatize our NHS and are making cut backs left right and center--then they complain the service and doctors and nurses aren't doing good enough--they are fooling no-one..they are strangling hospitals with cuts and then set unrealistic time tables for them to meet, our beloved NHS is struggling and we then struggle we all must demand more of our politicians and tell them to give more support and expertise to our medical teams not less, cause we their voters will just get more ill and be diagnosed incorrectly with similair troubles as you had.


So sorry to read this but so typical of some doctors today pleased you are getting sorted what a blessing ..thank heaven for the Spanish medical staff for seeing the problem least you will begin to feel better eventually, many prayers and blessings and healing to you .Good Luck ..I know it has spoilt your hols but at least better health wil come .. .keep in touch xxxMargaret


I have most of these symptoms and more -more recently sore throat,swollen gland in neck and lumps and tightness in neck.was diagnosed with fibro but newer symptoms indicate lupus.neck probs could be thyroid problem.need to ask my dr if done any thyroid tests.


My brother recently had a total thyroidectomy in Spain and his surgeon was brilliant. I was so impressed by the speed between being diagnosed by GP, referral to specialist and the surgery took less than a 1/4 of the time it takes here. Hope all goes well and you get everything sorted before you come back.


Hi all and thank you so much for all your comments and good wishes date for op is Tuesday 13 August, panic is starting to set in, sure all will be fine but a bit scared anyway


I am so pleased that you are finally getting help and are on the road to recovery and a new way of life. It's just sad that the NHS don't or won't understand and it's shocking you had to go to Spain to get the help you needed. good luck and best wishes xxxxx


HI Tatty, your problems sound so similar to mine as does your treatment under the NHS but I would say it is not the NHS per say but as Sky00 says a result of our despicable governments attempts to make the health service only fit for life/death situations and because Endos in this country are simply not being trained properly. They insist on using outdated guidelines and normal rates (when the rest of the world has adapted them) - in particular the thyroid levels which the USA has expanded so while I am subclinical in the UK, I would be getting treatment as hyperthyroid in the USA! The best treatment I have received has been in A&E, something we are being told never to do. But when two GPs refused even to check my pulse and blood pressure when I came in after having fainted, I took myself to the local general and had a thorough check over by the A&E consultants who both agreed I probably had adrenal or hypothalmus problems. Yet it took several visits and being very pushy to get the GP to refer me to Endo who yet again was denying there was a problem - I have been a patient of the Endo clinic for 7 years with subclinical thyroid problems (no treatment ever offered) and now suffer from vitiligo, thyroid eye disease, Reynald's syndrome, coelliac disease, bradycadia (my heart rate slows down when I sleep to 48bpm), anaemia, I have low lymphocyte count which means my immune system isn't coping, I get swollen glands in my neck, water retention, get shaky and have episodes of hypoglycemia, as well as pins and needles, I have numerous food intollerances, nightime blindness and double vision, am exhausted all the time, my hair is falling out, low blood pressure and regularly get heart palpatations. But hey, when he looked at my TSH level he declared I am normal! Thank goodness I had the results taken at the hospital and the note from A&E sent to my GP (I only got a copy by asking the receptionist to print out all recent correspondence) which clearly stated suspected Addison's Disease. I shamed the Endo into realising that a very busy A&E doc had taken the time to read through my long history (he had even dug out old scans to refer to!) and had even though not an Endo, had a good idea of why I was feeling so ill. Only then did he offer to send me for more detailed Adrenals testing. What annoys me in all this, is that these conditions are hard to live with now but can also cause huge health problems later on if not tackled straight away. In the case of Addison's it can kill! If the diagnosis is this (although of course in some way Ihope it isn't) I shall be taking my hospital's Endo clinic to the GMC's attention for negligence. And others like yourself should consider the same. It is the only way they sit up and listen to patients. I hope your operation goes well and so glad for you to have got the treatment you need! Kind wishes



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