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had log in problems but the op is complete!

so as a few of you know I had to have an operation to have my thyroid removed as I was told I was borderline of having thyroid cancer as I had multi-nodularthyroidism. it's mad that I can say had as on Thursday the thyroid was finally removed and finally theres no risks. I am still on and off on energy as expected but it was only a week ago. I was so happy to wake up after the op and woke up smiling and wouldn't stop for hours. im happy in the hope that I will finally begin to get back to my old self after 8months of stress and pains and struggle. a very happy lady indeed :D x

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I'm glad that op was a success and wish you a speedy recovery, although it seems you have already started on that road very quickly.

Best wishes.


Get Well Soon, Jalestar

Liz x


hehe thank you, I have indeed. im in very little pain and just needing rest x


Hiya, I'm really worried about you, how are you today, great big hugs xxx


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