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What tests should be done?

What tests should dr be checking when doing follow up blood tests? I got a phone call from dr 2 weeks ago telling me that I am now on correct level of thyroxine (100)mg a day. When I said I was surprised as I don't feel any better he told me that due to being ill for the last year (I had ITP now in remission) that it will be about 6 months before I feel better. Just doesn't seem right to me. I'm going to see him tomorrow and would really appreciate any help with what I should be saying to him. I just don't feel I can put up with this for another 6 months to then possibly find I still feel the same.



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I am sure someone else will be along with more knowledge than I, as I am still learning about the thyroid. However have you had your vitamin, mineral and hormone levels checked? Things like vitamin D, B12, iron, sex hormone levels.

Also get a copy of your blood results don't just accept "its normal" post them here and I am sure people will advise you.


Thank you - he didn't actually say what had been tested but the nurse said only the one thing. I'll say to him today.


Vibo, info re tests, etc., on the main site, start here:


Thank you - he's doing full blood tests next week including T3! He said T4 was in normal range and T3 suppressed so thinks T3 will be fine. So we'll see ??


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