Anyone using Safari on Apple Mac?

I can't get to any page on my Apple Mac with Safari but it worked last week. All the URLs just give a blank white page. Is anyone else having the same problem. I cant access on my work PC as its internet explorer 10 and corporate locked down so I can't change the browser. Can get in after a fashion via my IPhone though. Thank goodness for that at least but its agonising navigating and typing on a phone. Goodness - I hope they sort it soon.

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  • Love the tag it picked for your question! 'Hope' says it all!

    Would you like me to email support or have you already been able to report the issue. I am happy to do this for you if you let me know :)

    Carolyn x

  • Yes - that raised a wry smile for me too! And now I have hope now I can use my iPad. Thanks for your offer of getting in touch with support for me. I could get to the support pages after searching in google so managed to emsil them and send a screen dump. I can see from the URL support has a different site to HealthUnlocked so doesn't seem to have the same restrictions in browsers. I'm not sure if they are going to worry too much about making it compatible given all the other Bugs they are dealing with.

    I can but HOPE xx

  • Replying from my very early model iPad. This morning it was totally unusable so achieving this is a major improvement.


  • Hi Edit, I'm using Safari v6.0.5 right now without problem. Have also accessed via Safari on an iPad and that worded ok too.

  • Aha thanks Rod - I think you have hit the nail on the head. My version of Safari is earlier than yours and I can't upgrade because the later one doesn't work with my works remote access system to our corporate intranet - hmmm. My iPad (original one) didnt work either and there is no upgrade waiting for Safari. However, I just changed the search engine from google to Bing in settings and now I'm typing this on my iPad. Can't understand how changing the search engine would make any difference but there you go - I'm not complaining.

    I know HU are having a difficult time and I feel sorry for them but it is basic web stuff to have site compatibility with more than the latest version of browsers. it is well known that not everyone can upgrade to the latest ones when using software that is not compatible. Thanks again though - I'm one step closer now

  • How about installing Firefox on your Mac - if you get the latest version (22 I think), it should negate the need to update Safari. You don't need to ditch Safari as you can run both at the same time.

    Yes I forgot the site isn't as useable on the older iPads. The one I was referring to is a newer iPad mini.

    It's a very trying time indeed for all of us. Really putting our faith in HU to get things sorted very soon now.

  • Super idea - I will try it now thank you.

  • Yes - Firefox worked. Yipppeeee. I like it too!

    Thank goodness for that - it was driving me insane and I was suffering from HU Thyroid UK withdrawal - very nasty condition and you cured it. xxx

  • Excellent! If only we could cure thyroid conditions as easily :D

  • oh for goodness sake - I clicked on reply to this to reply to Red Apple and it keeps popping to the bottom. giving up for tonight now.

  • P.s. I'm not Rod, that is Helvella! :-)

  • And yes, you're right, it is addictive and withdrawal symptoms are no fun. Perhaps we should put a warning about the addictive qualities on the sign-up page for this site!

  • Hi Red Apple,

    I know that what you describe has been a bug that has been looked into and resolved on some browsers. It's a concern if it's newly appearing. Would you mind very much putting it into our system at and especially making note of the browser and operating system you are using.

    As always sorry for the current inconveniences - we hope you'll think it's worth it in future weeks and months.

  • Hi Matt, I'm a bit confused. I'm not having any problems with my version of Safari, but the OP ( editfmrt ) seems to be having issues with an older version. She says below that she has already put a report in.

  • Hi Matt and thanks - I have reported this and sent a screen dump of the blank page mainly because I kept getting replies to earlier messages telling me that lots of people were having problems logging on and it would be resolved soon. Bit frustrating when

    I would have been excited if I could have even got to a page that let me try to logon. My Safari version is 5.1.8 and I can't upgrade because of incompatibility with my corporate systems. I'm going to try what Rod suggests and install Firefox. ll will let you know via this post.

  • Im on a MacBookPro using Safari 6.0.5 and I cant get in using that. I get to the sign in page via google and it reverts to a blank white page. I have reported it. I hope its fixed before they start the notifications again because it will then be hideous trying to use Firefox which actually I dont like much.

    I can use my Ipad but I cant get in on my Iphone which I could use last week, so no consistency there at all!

  • What OS are you on? I'm on an MB Pro right now, with Lion and Safari 6.0.5

    But I've also accessed this new site on an iMac and a MB Air using the same version of Safari but with Mountain Lion OS.

  • Same problem here - eventually got in today for first time. I'm using the latest version of Safari. Same problem with iPad. Really don't want to have to put Firefox on just for one site that won't work!

    So I guess I won't be able to join in the discussions as much now - bye bye

    [if it ain't broken........]

  • Using Safari v6.0.5 (fairly sure that's the latest version) and I've been able to access this new site right from the beginning on three completely different Mac computers. Something very weird going on!

  • Hi

    I'm using my iPad with safari, don't know which version though but I got it at Christmas 2012 so it is probably fairly recent. I also have Google Chrome on my big computer. Found one as bad as the other until I finally managed to get on. Might try Firefox it is on that too. Yup, the withdrawal symptoms were terrible. Still finding logging on every time a pain so convoluted, no more quick fix but at least I can get onto the site now.


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