Has the Recent Activity section on a person's profile been removed? Or is it somewhere I'm not seeing?

I used to click on myself and look at my recent activity to quickly click on my most recent posts/questions/replies to see if I needed to reply to something someone had written. Mostly it was so if I had replied to someone's question I would then follow up if they asked something else or needed more information.

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  • I can see yours if I click on your name on your question here. Try clicking on my name on this response and see if you can see anything. If not, I guess this is something else to report to HU :/

  • Can see it for other users but it only shows about the last ten activities. Haven't found my own though.

  • I've found it!

    Once you've clicked on your own picture then click on the right hand button that says "view public profile".

    Totoro x

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