Alert - Bogus health emails anyone?

Since I joined this site and posted questions I keep getting junk emails about health stuff.

Particularly upsetting as I'm waiting for a blood test result and got an email through saying I had some bad results and urgently needed to contacted doc. I worried for a min then realised it must be a virus and deleted it.

However, when I'm not feeling good it's just the sort of thing I would stupidly click on. And it's upsetting.

So this is an alert and also see if anyone else has received them?

Soul Chick :)

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  • No, not me.

    I got a dodgy Twitter reply today and stoopidly clicked on the link. Luckily my or Twitter's filters blocked it. Person's Twitter account had been hacked.

  • I don't think it's anything to do with this site. That email about blood results has been on the news this week. I got it to my work address that I use only for work. I also get a lot at work for viagra! Don't open them and delete them as soon as you see them.

  • Thanks for the reply.

  • It's certainly upsetting especially if you were waiting for some results. I haven't had any but I would post a message to HealthUnlocked anyway seeing the email was connected to health.

    To send message you click on the Help in the green band at top of page which will take you into HU and click on contact us then post your message.

  • Thanks I will do that, however reading the reply posted by angel below it seems as though it may well be coincidence.

  • I don't remember noticing a single spam or hoax email that I would blame on this site or HU. However, my junk mail filtering seems to work very well so I could have not noticed the odd one.


  • Thanks for reply. Having seen angel's reply below I think this is probably just unlucky and a coincidence and nothing to do with signing up on here. Think I was just initially shocked and thought could people be preying on those who use sites for health reasons? Thankfully it seems not the case. Thanks for reply anyway.

  • TRhat is why I always use a separate email address for registering with sites like this, not a primary email account.

  • It's a common spam loaded with a nasty virus - tells you that you might have cancer and tries to get you to open a pretend PDF, which is actually a program file for a virus. Nothing to do with this site or being a member. I work in IT and have had many clients complain about it, none of whom are site members. Your anti virus program should have quarantined it. If it doesn't, might be time to change the program for something better.

  • Yes this was the one I'm glad to hear it is nothing to do with being a member. Thanks for the reply.

  • I blame Google. Everything you ever type into the Google search engine is logged by them. I've also noticed you get emails relating to other things you've searched.

    Mind you I use Google on a different browser to keep it separate from everything else you I do, also anything you post on this site that is not for members only is searchable on Google.

  • Yes I hate that everything is logged like that. I keep seeing adverts for purchasing vitamins, weight loss products, dating sites all sorts of stuff in general. It does feel like somewhat of an intrusion. Thanks for the reply.

  • Thanks for all replies. I'm glad there doesn't seem to be a target to those on this site. I am still disgusted that anyone would want to target anybody preying on health concerns and I am so glad I didn't open the attachment.

  • For a while after joining HU I didn't get junk emails as such but spam was full of offers for Viagra, penis pills and some others I can't remember As I am a 74 year old female was more amused by this than anything but pleased when it stopped!

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