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hi all!

been on levo for 6 weeks, went back to doc at 4 weeks and tsh had come rapidly down from 118 to 3.23 (0.27-4.20) T4 from 4.1 to 14.9 (10.5-22.0), which was great except doc didnt mention an increase from 50mcg just "see you in 6 weeks for tests!"

So thanks to the wonderful advice on here im aware my levels could be alot better but i thought i would wait it out as i felt ok, energetic, nearly normal.

However the last week im feeling symptoms returning, especially over the last couple of days quite rapidly its alarming, such as breathlessness, irritability, palpitations, tiredness, sugar cravings, aches and pains and brain fog...the only thing which is still improved is stomach problems (no more constipation -tmi!) but ive gone gluten-free so think that may have helped that area.

Would it be normal to have such a rapid decline if i need an increase? and i know the doc said another 3 weeks but should i go back (armed with Mr Tofts book!) and ask for an increase/bloods?

Or could it be down to something else? ive started taking a high strength b12 so dont think that could be the issue..although the breathlessness reminds me of when i had low iron during pregnancy, so maybe thats it?

would really appreciate advice, i know many of you lovely people adviced me to go straight back to docs to get an increase but im just wary of going too often (although by all accounts i might need to!!)

thank you xx

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ps im still waiting for my antibody results, although my doctor is the type you have to "chase" to get them....


Yes, I would go back and see the doctor and tell him your symptoms are returning. 50mcg is just a starting dose and should be increased until you feel well for and extended period, in most cases with a TSH below 1.

Definitely take Dr Toft's book. As you probably know, he is former chair of the BTA and the book is published in association with the BMA so your doctor can't use the excuse of it being some quack book ;)

Good luck! I hope you get the increase you need :)

Carolyn x


thanks Carolyn,

i felt awful this morning and my hubby marched me to the docs (well, persuaded me..), on the chance there was an appointment and she saw me really quickly, very grateful for that..she took bloods and was very concerned, she said she was also worried how quickly my levels had come down last time as it can be very hard on the body..will get results wednesday. I also said i was irritable, she actually gave me anti anxiety tablets (i think they are tranquilisers!) although i cant take them as im still breastfeeding (i think she forgot that). I did mention too that my levels could have been better based on last results to which she completely agreed...guess i didnt have to crack Dr Tofts book open then ;)

Now i feel a bit better and feel stupid for panicking today and going to the doctors...but i was feeling so shaky and weak and dizzy...

i had also already taken my eltroxin...will this make a big difference to the blood results?

thanks again for your reply and help


how old is your baby? I wonder if you have had an episode of postpartum thyroiditis


hi! she is almost 10 months...i got diagnosed when she was 8 probably is, found out i havent got antibodies so thats good :)


Only thing to add to what has already been said - have you had your ferritin levels checked and full blood count to see if you are anaemic again? Symptoms of this can be very similar to low thyroid. If you do take iron supplements they need to be taken well away from your thyroid meds as iron inhibits absorption. Hope you feel better soon


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