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Should I take GP advice (50mg levo) or naturopath advice (thyro complex plus other supplements detailed below)

When I say GP advice, that's not strictly true, she says my bloods are normal and because of this site i tell her they're not. so she reluctantly started me on 25mg levo for six weeks and then yesterday after new bloods i asked for this to be doubled to 50mg.

TSH range (.35-5). i'm aiming fir ONE but doc thinks 5 is ok.

april 10.27

may 7.16

july 5.72

Free T4. range (9-21). i'm aiming for 18, doc has no opinion.

april 10.1


july 11.4

total T3 range (0.9-2.5). i dont know what this should be, doc doesnt either.

april - didnt test

may 1.5

july 1.3

total T3, B 12 and antbidies- lab wont test for these even when doc asks.


no energy, sore burning feet, feel like i'm 80, restricted mobility/ life, my sister marches me to her naturopath/ mineral tester who says:

pituary, thyroid and adrenals all not working properly


Of a huge mercury tooth filling leaking. she told me which one and suggested i ask my dentist to either replace it or remove the tooth.

she slso suggested i

Replace levo with Nutri advanced thyro complex

and also take

5-HTP( for pituary)

Saw Palmetto ( for pituary)

Agnus Cactus (for pituary)

Digestaid ( for pancreas)

Nutrisorb Chromium (for pancreas)

Hepaguard Forte. (for liver and to drain excess mercury)

any comments kind people on this site?

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You are clearly hypothyroid so you need thyroid replacement. The supplements your naturopath recommend may well help too but you need to replace the thyroid hormones that your thyroid isn't producing.

How on earth did your doctor think 10.27 is a normal TSH? It is clearly above range and above the 10 that the guidelines state need treatment. I really do think you need the levothyroxine but I can't see that the supplements will be a problem. They may help in conjunction with the levo. Well that's my (non-medical) opinion anyway ;)

Carolyn x

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i know Carolyn, that 's my dilemma, i feel that my GP is kinda doing what I tell her because I see it on this site. however the naturopath seems to understand nore about pituary/thyroid/adrenals and thinks I should stop the levo and take the Thyro Complex instead. what to do!!!


You could try it and see what happens. You could always go back the the levo if it doesn't work.


I agree with Carolyn that you are clearly hypothyroid. I don't think it's a case of following one or the other. The supplements may well help in some way but you need to be replacing the thyroid hormones you are missing. A TSH of 5 is still too high and your T3 and particularly T4 are low. You should be aiming to get your TSH to 1 or just below and T4 nearer the top of the range. If your GP is not willing to treat you properly then think about seeing another GP or asking for a referral to an endocrinologist who should at least be able to get the tests for antibodies etc done. Your GP seems a bit out of her depth.


I just looked up Nutri advanced thyro complex. I assume that you mean this product:

That page says:

1-3 tablets daily before food, or as directed.

Each tablet typically contains:

1.5 mg Selenium (selenomethionine)

So they are suggesting you take up to three tablets which would contain 4.5 mg of selenium - which is 4500 micrograms.

The US Office of Dietary Supplements says that the tolerable upper limit for selenium is 400 micrograms a day.

I am afraid I cannot reconcile the product and the ODS advice. (And that ODS figure is higher than some you read. The NHS suggests 350 micrograms should usually be safe.)



That is very high! Surprised it's allowed if it's that far above safe limits.


Hi Rod, I think it's just 25mg per tablet, i think the values are listed after each subject, the 1.5 mg amount is for the ingredient before on the list. She suggested to take two. Do you have any advice on swapping levo for this? many thanks for your time, I don't know what I would do without the help from people on this site.


sorry 25 ug, not mg, whatever that means!


This makes no sense to me. I eat six brazil nuts every day, as recommended, jam packed with selenium, with no warning it is too much.


If I'm totally honest, I think that many supplements means your naturopath will get a lot of money from you. I would be reluctant to give up a medication this early in treatment. Give it time to work and if it diesn't then try alternatives. Trying one of those supplements at a time would be better to see if there are any perceivable benefits after a few months with each, otherwise you're not only going to be spending a great deal of money out, possibly unecessarily, you're gonna start rattling!


Not sure why you assume the naturopath would get a lof of money from her. Most naturopaths tell the patient what to get,and then the patient goes to amazon or a health shop to get them. I know a lot of naturopaths none of them have an enormous room full of stock, they wouldnt even be able to afford to stock their room, and the amount they would get from selling one here and there wouldnt be worth the loss of a room and the investment of stocking the room.


''Of a huge mercury tooth filling leaking. she told me which one and suggested i ask my dentist to either replace it or remove the tooth.''

Curious as to how the naturopath was able to make that statement.


Saw Palmetto is used normally to reduce prostate enlargement. It has a lot of side effects which are very common, not rare at all, particularly digestive problems including pain and diarrhoea.

There is a lot of publicity about mercury amalgam fillings, and I really do not know anything more about the subject than I have read on various web pages. What does come out of many of them is that removing the amalgam filling can often release mercury vapour unless it is done by someone who know what they are doing. I presume that is why she recommended removal of the tooth. Do you have a large number of amalgam fillings? Even with as many as 10 you are being exposed to, on average, 1.7ug (micrograms), or 3.4% of the safe daily exposure permitted in the workplace. If you constantly chew gum or grind your teeth it can increase by a factor of about 5:

If you are happy to have the tooth removed for your own peace of mind, that certainly is better than having the filling removed by your normal dentist, as you will see from the information on the link. (highlight and then right-click, and choose 'go to...')


Your naturopath might suggest various supplements but they usually do not sell them, ask for a list then buy them where they're cheap!! Thyro complex supports adrenal fatigue as do other daily supplements BUT I would definitely continue your thyroxine for now, take supplements for a week or fortnight and see if they make a difference.


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