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Looking for a good GP in the Coventry area- can anyone recommend one?

Does anyone have a decent Gp in the Coventry area they could recommend to me. I am so fed up of the ones in my practise not understanding the effect of not being able to tolerate thyroxine and so having untreated hypo has on my life. Ie: not being able to get out of bed much. They act surprised when I talk about symptoms like I should only have dry skin and constipation when I can't walk or use my arms for much of the time.

I really feel that they do not understand and want a more proactive, helpful gp. Good listening skills would be good too. I wish my gps would even suggest something, anything! It's like they smile while I talk and they just wait for me to go and I am no better off.

I used to have a good one here, she was into alternative medicine but she has left the practise now.

Thanks in advance if you can help me out.

Best wishes

Carolineanne x

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My GP has actually admitted that I know more about this stuff than he does and has proved himself prepared to listen and go along with my proposals. He’s been patient and supportive throughout, although to be fair, until now I have been principally under the ‘care’ of UHCW. I have him trained now to give me my results over the phone (with ranges) and usually he will ask what I think and we will have a reasoned discussion. Also, I was on T3 only for two years, so he is aware of this medication.

I’ve looked at the boundary map for the surgery – they seem to cover quite a wide area in CV5, CV4, CV3 and just into CV6. I don’t know whether that is the right side of town for you. If you are interested, PM me and I’ll give you the full details.



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