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What can I expect from my first appointment with my endocrinologist on Tuesday?

I am having my first appointment and I'm not sure what to expect and what blood tests he will request. I've already had blood tests done (3 times since my thyroid cancer was removed) but the oncologist won't tell me the results. I've not even met him and he just writes me letters saying have 50mcg Thyroxine and his last letter received 5th July said, "no new problems with your thyroid cancer".

All suggestions gratefully received.

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There are some exemptions (only very few) but usually you have a right to access your medical records.

I suggest that you could make a written request for the information and see how it goes - if you want to.



Hi Rod,

I've already put in a written request for my medical details some time ago and so I chased them yesterday. One hospital said my file was with a consultant waiting to be signed off before they could release the information and the other hospital were chasing the wrong hospital within their group. Hopefully, the information will arrive within the next few days.

As regards my first appointment with the endocrinologist he seemed to think that I should just continue with the Levothyroxine and up the dose slightly and he would see me in 2 months time. I have been on 75mcg Levo for 2 months and this was increased to 100mcg one day and then 75mcg the next. I've been on this dose for 3 weeks and he seemed to think that this would not have had a marked affect because in his words "it can take 6 to 8 weeks for them to take effect". He said by TSH was 2.6 and still a bit high in the upper range but I needed more time for the Levo. I explained that my TSH should be suppressed because of the cancer and to prevent it returning. I think he thought I was questioning his judgement but I explained that I did my own research. He asked me if I had a medical background and I explained that I am a Science Teacher with a Science degree and he changed tack. He said that my prognosis was good and that they didn't need to suppress my TSH (new guidelines) as much because of this. I then explained that I thought I had a conversion problem because my FT3 was at the bottom of the range. He queried me and I explained that I'd thought I'd a problem for a while because I have had hypo symptoms for a while. He said that I shouldn't believe everything on the internet and that some of them are quacks and had been struck off my the BMA and not to believe Thyroid UK. He told me to check things out with the British Thyroid Association where there was scientific research backing up the claims that everyone is fine on T4 and it is suitable for most people. But I said that if I had a conversion problem T4 isn't the issue. He agreed to explore other options and requested other blood tests (Vit B12, Celiac's etc) ready for my next appointment and that I have to try 100mcg daily of Levo and we would review at the next appointment in 2 months.

I'm still not convinced and I didn't like his quack angle but he will say this because it's his job and he has to sign from the same hymn sheet as the 'hand that feeds him'. The positive part is the fact that he was open to exploring other options and did the necessary blood tests that my GP has been refusing to do for a long time. Watch this space!

Thanks for replying.


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