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Wow what a difference a walk makes

Today I decided on starting my exercising to help with the recent depression I'd gotten in over the last few months and also it was bloody hot so why not.

Wow, after around 2 hours of aimlessly wandering about I feel so much better. Amazing what pumping a little blood and getting a sweat on can do.

Looking to start running again after a year or so since I last ran but taking it slow and no way am I running in this heat.

Feeling awesome, Graves won't control me :D

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Good for you, great day to be out - all that Vitamin D from the sunshine. Exercise is great, somehow or another I managed to stick with going to the gym, ok I totally lowered the intensity of almost everything I had been doing but I still managed to get myself there at least once a week, I kept doing my Pilates even though it can be pretty hard work and my hip joints are much stiffer now and they just don't move they used to. I like cycling even though I am nowhere near Tour de France standard, it is pretty flat around where we live I really love to go out on my bike.

It is just good to feel normal for a change and not let Graves beat you.

Liz :-)


well done, i got a spin class under my belt n took dogs out ,,,brill,xxx



I thought you were blogging about Louise's sponsored walk today!


Still time to donate...



Good for you, I tend to wait till the evening when its cooler, then my partner does the running, and I hold onto his belt, whilst wobbling on my skateboard.....(joke) well I am getting on a bit.

Good luck with your running in the future.X



Maybe the hottest days of the year are not the time to start a two hour walk? Here is hoping you still feel great tomorrow as I wouldn't. :)

Good to know that Graves won't get you down.


yeah I guess I didn't plan it well, haha, just planned a walk round the block but kept deciding to go elsewhere, haha, still feel awesome for it though


As long as you dont do a Forest Gump haha!!!.. but a long walk does help when im on a particularily thyroidy day...


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