I feel FABULOUS.. could I be cured?

I had/have auto-immune hypothyroidism... and spent a long long time getting the meds right. But now.. I feel great.. back to work full time, up and about in the evening, brain fog gone, lost 10lbs.. no ill effects whatsoever, normal body temp..

Does anyone ever actually get CURED of this thing? or is it just a lucky mix of meds that, for now, is working well?

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  • I am sorry to disappoint, the answer is NO we cannot be cured but the fact that you feel great is wonderful and long may it continued. It gives hopes to many still struggling.

  • It's a lucky mix of meds. I changed my meds about 6 months ago, I increased my NT even though the tests showed I was ok.... Since then I too have been really great, working full time now (self employed) in a physically demanding outdoor job.

    Don't be tempted to reduce meds or mess around to see if you are 'cured' you won't be and it can take forever to get right again.....

    What do you take, out of interest.....

  • I take


    1 gram of vitamin C

    wassen selenium ace

    wassen magnesium B

    Vitamin D3 1000 i.u (though not at the moment because I am out in the sun)

    Armour Half of a1½ grain tablet

    DHEA 25mg


    1 gram of vitamin C

    Wassen Co-enzyme Q10

    Armour Half of a1½ grain tablet

    AND.. I'm on a Low GI diet with no dairy

  • Just tripped across your post; you say you feel great and list the supplements you take. I've managed to feel so much better in every way - mentally, emotionally, physically etc after a long haul of trial & error, self med and now high dose vitamin & mineral supplement, no dairy or wheat etc. etc. I just wanted to tell you about a great website foodmatters.com and a book (from Amazon) 'Putting it all together : the new orthomolecular nutrition'. Both are about the root causes of disease. Best wishes.

  • Sorry but I beg to disagree! You CAN BE CURED! It comes with the right DIET, the reversal of the illness and the right meds with supplements. The adrenal/thyroid axis and any inflammation and so on all well. Diet is key as triggers to Hashi's and hypothyroidism can be from food allergies, mold, pollen and even stress. HOWEVER...Read books by those who have indeed reversed their Hashi's like pharmacist Dr. Isabella Wentz's book, thyroidpharmacist.com/book.... and it is called, "What's Your Root Cause" and this is also the case for many people. Find the root cause and heal that. I also have listened to the Thyroid Summit.com and there were many practioners who healed themselves completely like another pharmacist Dr. Suzi Cohen and she also has written many books about how to do this. Her website is here: suzycohen.com/ and if you spend ten minutes looking through these websites you will know that there are many cures for this disease but it is not a one size fits all game. You need to be proactive in your own health and listening to the usual gang of idiots (doctors and endos) is how you can be sure to stay sick forever! Do not give UP get the right information!!

  • Thank you very much, MSC56, for this positive note. The more I research and analyse the masses of contradicting info out there, the more I think one needs to get to the bottom/root of the problem. Why the thyroid is not working properly: is it an anti-immune disorder? is it iodine deficiency? is it because of numerous deficiencies? is it the liver? Unfortunately, many doctors are inclined to go down this route.

    Dr William Davis indicated, which was confirmed by a great deal of his patients, that Hashimoto's has been reversed with a grain free diet and the elimination of other triggers. However, when I asked him a question in relation to hypothyroidism, he noted that drugs have been reduced with this elimination; however, cure is not possible.

    Many functional doctors in the US, including Dr O'Brien, Dr Peter Osborne, Dr Hyman all call for addressing all deficiencies before going down the route of thyroxine. They also prefer the natural thyroid, indeed, should they decide to boost the thyroid.

    I hope there is hope; however, it might take some time for all these deficiencies and root causes to be addressed.

  • If you do the research, keep up to date and yes it takes effort and reading and using what's left of the brain with or without the fog, you see there are no incurable diseases. Yet we must be open and willing to go to Naturopaths, Functional Medicine Practitioners which get to the bottom or root cause of the illness. 99% of all diseases start in the GUT. Gut disbyosis is also related to mental illness, anxiety, poor nutrition and so many other issues of health and illness and is considered the second brain! I also think this applies to Hashi's..if we had proper nutrition and it was used and assimilated in our bodies as well as no toxic overload (flouride, chemicals from cosmetics and so on, mercury fillings, etc.)...no doubt most would be well. It really is not rocket science it us DETOX, know what your allergies and triggers are and stop using them, monitor your blood work but the blood work is not the be all and end all of getting well. See a really great and open minded practioner who agrees with the above and you can find them at functionalmedicine.org as well as the other links I gave above and remember that your health is not your doctor's responsibility but yours. That alone gets you well when you are willing to do the research, listen to the summits which are all free on the internet, read and learn as much as possible and yes, ramble on here to get suggestions and advice when you are stuck. People do and can get well every single day! Make it your goal. I am . :-)

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