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First week on Armour

I saw Dr S last month and he felt my long standing (more than 20 years) M.E could well be undiagnosed thyroid disorder.

So he asked me to start with Half a grain of Armour thyroid for one month, moving up to three quarters after 1 month - i am seeing him again at beginning August. I had had a trial of thyroxine a few years ago through Dr M, but didnt respond well to it and had problems.

The first few days i tired a quarter grain as i have tyalked about on here before i was very anxious about starting due to longstanding issues with adverse drug and supplement reactions. Initially i felt extremely exhausted and went into a severe crash. This was pretty upsetting as i have been feeling a lot better in the past year and have since been dipping in and out of severe symptoms again (exhausted when speaking, unable to go out, unable to walk around etc) i also developed severe stomach pain and diarrhea.

I have also had headaches, and since going up to half a grain started having anxiety, hot flushes, and feeling extremely angry and irritable all the time.

On Sunday i decided to take a day off - the feeling of being wound up and agitated inside was becoming unbearable. Monday and today took half dose again. Still feeling very tired and slight weird teeth clenching sort of feelings, but in general not so wound up. When i had the day off i felt back to normal (ill normal, but not nasty uptight feelings on top of it) by the afternoon.

I have slept better for the past couple of days - feel like i am sleeping more deeply.

All in all it hasn't been great or terrible - am trying to stick with it - at least until i see Dr S again. There is a question mark over my adrenals and my iron/ferritin is very low (am treating) Dr S remarked my cortisol result from NHS was low (but normal range) so i have decided to order the Genova Adrenal stress profile (i believe this is the 24 hour saliva test) which is on its way. Hopefully then i will have the results to see if adrenals are the reason i am not doing so well on thyroid meds (Armour and levo before) and can also take the results to discuss with Dr S.

Or it may just be tht i need to get through it and increase until i feel better...or perhaps my illness isn'ty caused by my thyroid at all. Dr S says we will get to the bottom of it whatever it is (i do so hope so - very fed up with feeling like this.

Hope you are all doing ok today

Justy x

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Your low iron might well be the key to this and your adrenals won't be helping. Glad to hear that you have the fighting spirit and you have the good support of Dr S :)


Thanks Carolyn :)

I've just read back over my post and i sound like a zombie!!! Not at all like the vivacious woman i am trying to get back to being.

Never mind - onwards!


Hopefully you will get back to being human soon :)


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