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I have already asked for help about my health , I forgot to ask if sweating mostly in my head and hands something to do with thyroid . I seem to suddenly go really hot and feel ill then i sweat so much it runs down my face and i feel like I could faint . This is getting worse and as been going on daily for about a year . I also go very cold in my hands and feet . I have got to the point i dont want to go out or see people . As i said in my last questions I have been ill for about 3 years and getting worse .I have a lot of pain in my ears and jaw and my throat feels strange is this something i can get with thyroid trouble to? ...alicea

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You do sound to be in a bad way.

I suggest that the pain in your ears, jaw and throat may well be due to thyroid issues. For example, throat pain can be due to thyroid nodules. But there is a possibility that it is related to B12 deficiency which is common in hypothyroid people because hypothyroidism reduces the efficiency of absorption.

Because we can store so much B12 in our livers, deficiency often does not appear until we have suffered from poor absorption for a few years. This sounds as if it might fit with your account.

B12 is usually regarded as something that you can take without causing any problems, so I'd suggest getting some tablets. People often suggest that methylcobalamin is the best type to take. And it is often claimed that letting the tablets slowly dissolve under your tongue or between gum and cheek is the best way of absorbing it. I happen to think it tastes nice as well.

"The evidence derived from these limited studies suggests that 2000 mcg doses of oral vitamin B12 daily and 1000 mcg doses initially daily and thereafter weekly and then monthly may be as effective as intramuscular administration in obtaining short term haematological and neurological responses in vitamin B12 deficient patients."

Suitable B12 tablets are available in some high street outlets and there are many online sources.

I hope someone with personal experience of sweating/cold issues will be able to respond on that specific question.



thanks for the advise i will have a go with the tablets , i am so glad i found this site it is the first time i have had any advise . alicea


Alicea, I know just what you mean... I'm very familiar with these sort of weird sweating and feeling faint episodes. For me, they did indeed turn out to be due to insufficient thyroid hormone.

Thyroid hormone is required by every cell of the body in order to function correctly. When there is a deficiency, everything goes completely haywire. We feel pain in places we never thought possible, bits of our body just don't work as we know they should, and we feel totally helpless and out of control. No matter how hard we try, and how brave a face we put on, the bottom line is that we feel absolutely dreadful all the time. And no-one else seems to understand. So we resort to hiding ourselves away, because we can no longer cope with even the normal everyday things that we once took in our stride.

I really hope your doctor will sanction a dose increase and that you start to see some light at the end of the tunnel very soon :-)


The jaw thing is interesting. Over the last couple of yrs the left side of my jaw cracks when I yawn or have been at the dentist. It also feels a bit crackly both sides. My partner is used to it now but he used to say it made him cringe - you know like cracking fingers?!

I am taking B12 1000mcgs sublingually every day if you Google that youwill find many places in UK that sell it, in fact I got mine off a trader on eBay and it was about £10 as I remember for 90 lozenges.

As for sweaty hands - I I have found that though I am prone to cold hands and feet - in fact my feet went cold yesterday despite the heat - I have been getting terribly sweaty hands and feet this last couple wks since the weather has been hot.

I see the thyroid as the boiler room of the body and if it is not functioning properly then some of the rooms are going to be too hot or too cold.

Hope this helps Alicia.



Thanks Stacey for the advise i will get the tablets and hope they will help . The sweating is mostly in my head , it means i have wet hair all day which puts me off going out . alicea


Hello Alicea, I definately know what you mean about sweating.....if I feel slightly under pressure ie- entering an office at work to deliver teas and coffees(thats what I do), out shopping and the till assistant talks to me anything ..... it brings me out in an excessive sweat but mostly to my head. It runs through my hair and down my neck and forehead, I get really annoyed with myself but I can't do anything about it. My Dad who also has an underactive thyroid bursts out in heat sweats every now and then too. I would never tell my doctor at the risk of him lowering my dose as in every other aspect I feel slow and sluggish with no energy.


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Hi Louby , thanks for the answer that seems to be the same sort of thing that happens to me , I have been having these sweats from before they gave me any meds and i am only on a trail of 25mgs so i know it as nothing to do with the meds , as you say if you say anything to the doctors the first thing they say is its the meds . I am sick to death of feeling like this and the doctors dont help. They say everything that is wrong with me is the arthritis , i go to the pain clinic and have injections in my shoulders and neck they work for a couple of months but then I am in loads of pain again . The sweating and feeling ill is with me all the time . all dthe best Alicea


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