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Help, im scared!! MRI scan has revealed brain abnormalities, further tests needed!!

Hi, My consultant rang me yesterday with my results from recent MRI scan, which was done on my eyes and brain. It showed abnormalities in my brain, which I have to go for further testing!! Im very scared as I have Graves disease, thyroid eye disease, fibro and osteoarthritis in the spine. And had RAI in feb 2011, Ive had nothing but trouble with my health since RAI... has anyone else had this?

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I am sorry you have more worries with the result of your MR scan. I haven't had one so cannot give advice, except to support you. Anyone who has had similar to you will respond to your question.

I hope you don't have long to wait before your next appointment and, hopefully, it will be soon. In the meantime, I know you will worry about your condition - that's only natural.

I have hypo but Graves must be worse.



I had an MRI in DEC and it showed my brain was shrinking and that I have hardening of the arteries in my brain my gp says nothing can be done for this its old age help I'm only 65 just got to get on with it, what did yours show up x


Ask for your homocysteine levels to be checked and if they're high could be the cause. Also at the same time get your B12 tested. B12 is necessary for us as it is a pro-hormone and it will help to reduce homocysteine if high (but is still good to take if you haven't got a high homocysteine).

Low B12 is known to cause neurological problems and high homocysteine causes the brain to shrink.

That's why it appears to be the main reason that we develop problems because of the ignorance of many doctors. Both B12 and Vit D are vital.

If we can read - and we shouldn't be on a forum for medical advice (I am not medically qualified) but it is truly ridiculous that today in particular there have been symptoms which should be investigated and just not 'left to get on with it', i.e. breathlessness etc. on quite a few posts.


I assume your TED started after your RAI as surely no idiot would allow you to have that treatment with active disease. What treatment do you receive? Steroids? Prograf? Levo? Are your optic nerves undamaged?

I'm also graves and TED so am feeling your pain xx I had nerve damage to a couple of areas in my brain but most of the damage has repaired since being "optimal" which was only achieve by having a TT. Really hope your endo & ophthalmologist get you well soon x


Thankyou for replying to my question/plea for help! Yes the TED started after the RAI, which the endo was not supportive of one bit! My own GP is very good (thank goodness) and she referred me to the ophthalmologist in Belfast, which I have been attending since 2011. He is very good, he treated me with steroids etc, but after 2 years he was concerned that I still double vision and puffiness in my eyes. So he sent me for the MRI, last Monday, so I was abit shocked that he rang on Friday(yesterday) to say, he will continue to see me, but the MRI showed up abnormalities in the left part of brain, and he then consulted a colleague, who is sending me a appointment to see him asap, for further investigations! I naturally asked him what could it be? He said he was not sure but wanted to personally ring me so I wasn't too alarmed when I get the letter... a few years ago I had 2 breast biopsies and had to wait 10 days on results, the waiting was awful, thankfully the tests were clear, but im stressed now waiting on this! It could explain the double vision and the dizziness, but more tests! Im also taking Levo for thyroid which is up and down like a yo-yo!!


Hello, I just wanted to tell you that I don't have what you have as I have Hashimotos BUT late last year I had a Brain MRI which showed up abnormalities called grey matter heteropia. Like you I was referred to a Neurologist and was told this was indicative of Epilepsy. I was sent for loads of tests plus another MRI to confirm the Heteropia. It was confirmed but the tests showed I didnt have Epilepsy and other tests all came back normal so the abnormalities turned out to be a red herring.

I know its worrying but just wanted to let you know that sometimes things are not all doom and gloom and turn out ok. Try not to worry hopefully you will be ok too. x

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The double vision is caused by the swelling in the muscles around the eyes squeezing them out of shape and increasing the pressure inside your eyes. The dizziness is part and parcel of the double vision. Your thyroid medication needs to be optimised - how are your numbers? Is your TED out of the active phase yet? Graves damage to nerve endings can be resolved :-)


I had my thyroid meds increased to 50mg a day, I have to get bloods checked every 6 weeks. The funny thing is I never put any weight on, which I expected to! And yes my TED active phase has calmed significantly. That is why consultant sent me for an MRI to see if any permanent damage, which thankfully didnt show any real damage. He said I will be still under his care for checks. Graves etc is a very strange disease, just seems to be endless health problems! As you pointed out, hopefully the brain abnormalities are nothing to worry about, just I have the odd wobble of what if? The last few years have been a struggle, I can only work part-time now and I'm also doing a part-time degree, so I try to keep going and stay active, I haven't told anyone about this as I don't like to worry anyone else, that's why I came on here. Thank you for your support I really appreciate it... here's hoping for good news...


Hi Angelherb. I am very sorry for your situation. I have been there. I would like to suggest that you go to You Tube and watch several videos by a Dr. John Bergman, from California, USA. He has about 670 of them on medical topics and they are terrific. He believes, as do I, in the body's ability to heal itself, and that an organ doesn't work in a vacuum, they are intricately interconnected. I was, after 4 doctors and 4 different diagnoses (mitral valve prolapse, fibromyalgia, hypochondria, and depression-none of which was accurate), diagnosed with (what was actually post partum hypothyroidism) hypothyroidism in 1993 after the birth of my third child. Initially, I was given Synthroid and that made some difference. I became educated on my disease and finally convinced my doctor to switch me to Armour. I did well for many years, but about 10 years ago began having problems again. I was told I was fine, by a different doctor. All that to say, I am now doing well in large part as a result of changing my whole approach to healing. As you will see in the video links, thyroid disease is a misnomer. The symptoms we experience with our thyroid gland are the body's response to something out of balance. It is a natural, self-regulating reaction. When I became and remained hypothyroid, my cortisol levels were high. I was under a tremendous amount of stress, and when one's cortisol levels go up, thyroid hormones naturally go down. It is necessary to treat the underlying cause(s) of low or high thyroid function. Mine were physical and emotional stress, relatively poor diet, and insufficient exercise. Our body is a symphony. When one instrument is playing the wrong tune, the whole piece of music is out of whack!!

Don't be afraid. You can take charge of your health and provide what is needed for your body to heal itself. I am living proof of that. I had gotten to the point where I could not get off the sofa and just didn't want to live like that any more. Self healing is a very interesting and rewarding journey. God Bless

Here are some links to the videos I referenced:

The Cure for 97% of Disease

How to Heal Your Thyroid and Adrenals

Fibromyalgia: Real Solutions for a Real Problem

How to Reverse Arthritis Naturally

Best of Luck!!!!


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