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Another Share - Posted on Facebook by Thyroid Change 28/06/2013 "Gluten confirmed to cause serious weight gain or wheat belly"

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"Many autoimmune thyroid patients are gluten free. Should all of us be?

Some of us have resistant "weight loss" even on proper thyroid medication. This article discusses the latest report in the January 2013 Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry confirming "Wheat "Belly."

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Thanks for sharing Tansy, I'm not surprised by this. I have been gluten free for about 2 months now and lost my bloating within the first week, I've probably lost at least 1 stone now. I'm definitely not on a diet, I have treats if and when I want them, they are just gluten free. My stomach symptoms and sick feeling disappeared almost immediately, I'd recommend anyone thinking about this to give it a try and see how you feel. :-) x


I've been gluten free since Christmas and feel 1000% better , try it you wont regret it . I've lost 2 stone and kept it off and have never felt better


Would like to try it but gluten free list goes on and on, and who can afford these products? What actually is the list of things to cut out, willing to give it a try if not too difficult. Any advise please?


Do you think it will work for someone who's thyroid is still under medicated and struggling to get it under control? Thanks D


It's never a bad idea to try it but I confess I was strictly gf (at doctor's request) for over a year and saw no real changes. My bloating/oedema only improved when I went on t3. I suspect that the hum of uat drowned out any improvements I might have seen from other lifestyle changes (gf and vitamin supplements mainly). So now I'm not as strict as I was (occasional beer or whatever and I don't check naturally gf branded products for contamination), though having acclimatised to being gf I have continued to cook and eat that way.

It does help a lot of people though, so it's worth a try.


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