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Daily Mail article

Hello all,

Any one read the article today in the Daily Mail. About someone called Kirsty Gallacher and post partum thyroidism.

This is not the first article that the Mail has had on thyroid issues - in fact I looked back at articles and found that one even mentioned Dr Skinner's success despite the wrath of GMC.

The author of todays article is Bonnie Estridge a medical journalist. If you google her name you can get her contact email address. Journalists can be very expressive when they want to 'high profile' their research.

I am wondering whether in an attempt to draw more attention if as many people wrote to her an overview of their experience and thoughts on the matter asking her to write another article whether it is for the Mail or any other publication.???? I shall certainly be sending her one and I would like to think that some of you that can will do the same. It would also be a good idea to mention that in an age of cutbacks there would be savings to NHS if people were not being medicated for many symptoms and properly medicated for the route of the problems! All the anti-depressants, blood pressure,statins,HRT to name a few that people are being sent away with. Also the wide reference ranges in the UK compared to USA and Europe.

What do you all think????

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HI Stacey,

I arranged for Jerome Burne to go to Dr. Skinner's hearing in Manchester in 2007. I've also written to Andrew Lansley when the Conservatives were in opposition and he has been extremely interested in the thyroid issue and the fact that it costs the state a fortune in benefits for patients who are incorrectly diagnosed and hence don't get the treatment they need. Obviously this also results in loss of tax to the government.

I have written again now that he is Secretary of State for Health and hopefully will receive a reply in the not too distant future.

If others could write, that would be a bonus and maybe they would sit up and take notice once they realise the enormity of the problem..


HI there,

Excellent! Where to send to him? What did he actually say by way of showing interest just so we know how to pitch it?



Andrew Lansley

Secretary of State for Health

House of Commons



We have reorganised our study and I can't put my hands on the correspondence at the moment. Think that'll have to be done once summer is over and there's not so much to be done in the garden etc.!

Basically though, it was showing interest in the cost to the country of undiagnosed and undertreated hypothyroidism.

Do send a copy to your local MP as well.



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