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No carb diet...will this effect pituitary blood tests and TFT.s?

Basically for 8 days I have been taking a zero carb diet, supplementing with vitamins and amino acids, and feel fine and loosing a it of weight.

Please don't judge my decision to do this, I have gained s much weight and now have a very high BMi.

My question is, will this extreme diet effect blood tests, TFT, IGF-1, coeliac antibody, growth hormone?

Thank you for reading ;-)

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If you are tested for coeliac disease, you need to have been eating some gluten-containing foods for at least six weeks before the test is carried out – so if you have cut out all gluten-containing foods, wheat, barley, rye and oats (unless the oats are definitely gluten-free), it will not be worth having the test done.



The question and its answer(s) are not simple!

Have a look at this as a starting point:



Why would anyone judge you? I would be first judging those pumping themselves full of carbs and suffering the problems that brings!

I have eaten low carb for more than 3.5 years, lost 52kg in the process, and compared to what I was like before, I only wish I had found it years before.

Mind you ZERO carb takes a bit of doing, and might make the diet so restrictive it might be difficult to get reasonable nutrition! Why would you need to go to zero?

What do you actually mean by zero carb?

What on earth are you eating to diet at that level? Bear in mind even "low carb" foods such as many vegetables which are low carb contain *some* carbs.

I follow what is effectively a fairly strict version of a low glycaemic Load diet, so the carbs I do eat are not in great numbers at any one meal, effectively I usually eat carb containing vegetables such as carrots and even peas, but not potatoes or rice or any foods that have a high glycaemic load.

After a lifetime of diets, and in particular some extreme low calorie ones, I am very nervous of any extreme dieting, plus with low carb, such extremes are not usually needed to get results, one attraction is the fact that you don't need to be hungry like you are with low calorie diets.


Hi, yes I have carbs but very small amounts, I eat protein at lunch and dinner with vegetables, eat fruit, not bananas ad drink 2-3 litres of water with one cup of tea in the morning. I am very strict as I don't need my excess weight causing me more issues.

I feel better for cutting bread, potatoes rice and pasta from my diet.

I was worried it would affect my blood tests, my doctor are umming and aaring so need to help myself, waiting to have my pituitary tests done x


Fruit is hardly low carb, let alone zero!

I miss it most of all carbs, but a minute or two with the blood glucose meter shows my blood glucose increases pretty quick on anything other than very small amounts, or boring watery stuff like watermelon. OK it's nothing like high carbs food such as bread, but more than enough. I have largely replaced fruit (and it's fibre!) with eating raw carrots, their very slight sweetness making them high enough in carbs. Some would argue they are a little high in carbs. :-(

Fruit (might come as a surprise to some) is also not particularly nutrient laden either, other than some vitamin c in more tropical fruits, so form my point of view it means increasing Insulin output for very little reward in terms of nutrition :-(

Other than the coeliac issue, which is directly carb food related, then there is a lot if info out there on carb and non-carb foods and it's efects on IGF-1 etc... eg:



Yes, it reduces when insulin production is reduced,(and that's the whole idea behnd low cab eating) but how much - I rather suspect a short answer won't be very easy to come by and a lot of reading will be needed.


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