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In the States, but bullet points make interesting reading

Thyroid, Cholesterol & Diabetes... Getting the big picture with blood chemistries

- Basic anatomy and physiology of the thyroid, thyroid function testing.

- Why basic thyroid testing is not good enough and leads to incorrect statistics.

- Addressing hypo and hyperthyroid states.

- Iodine and its benefits, as well as caution in its use.

- Autoimmune disease and its huge role in thyroid disorders.

- Cholesterol: Why you should not compete with the allopaths in lowering it.

- The benefits of a fat based metabolism.

- The relationship between fats, cholesterol, diabetes and fatigue.

- Connecting the dots between thyroid, cholesterol, diabetes, immune malfunction and common clinical symptoms.

- Fun, sensible procedures, protocols and what to do for the majority of your fatigued, overweight, diabetic, hyperlipidemic patients.

6.5 Hours CE Credit Applied for DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV

Sponsored by Logan College of Chiropractic

Registration Fee: $119 - Student or Staff: $99

To register, contact Biotics Research at (800) 231-5777 or email

For more information, click here:

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Yes, very interesting -- it's a shame they're not doing it as a Facebook webinar.


I know :( I thought it was at first.


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