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Help need advice on pregnancy whilst taking carbimazole, doctor has got me panicing, dont understand graves dsease at all :(

Help need advice on pregnancy whilst taking carbimazole, doctor has got me panicing, dont understand graves dsease at all :(

HELP! i went to see a doctor the other day because my consultant asked me to make an appointment to check up on my 'general health' and when i got there the doctor had no idea why i was there and to be honest neither did i, she took no tests didnt check my blood pressure, ask how i was feeling or anything really, just ready through notes on the computer, to which i found out mu consultant had said i had ALREADY agreed to the radioactive treatment for my thyroid, which i definitely HAVE NOT, yet!

the topic of conversation moved to pregnancy as she asked about my ovary and periods (i had one of my ovaries removed at christmas with a tumour)

i had said i had missed a period and there was a possibility i could be pregnant, and she actually shouted at me and said 'you do not want to ruin your life with a no legg'ed baby, do not become pregnant on this medication'

And she further explained not to become pregnant as my baby would be deformed..

Nobody has ever told me this before, all the consultants i have had have full knowledge that i am sexually active and not taking any prescription contraception, and not mentioned it as ive got older!

She told me then i have to go about getting a pregnancy friendly medication and that if i am planning pregnancy i need to go to pre-pregnancy counselling or something?

I just need some advice on how to go about it! As i was really shocked and panicing a little to my partner to ask anymore questions or where to go!

Someone help please :'(

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Your GP is in charge of your health and it is up to her to prescribe a pregnancy friendly medication for your condition of Graves disease if it is thought to be necessary: it is most definitely not for you to go about getting a pregnancy friendly medication, and she will guide you to the pre-pregnancy counselling. I expect you were so stressed by her dreadful manner that you could barely comprehend what she was saying, I am so very sorry that she treated you so badly as she did nothing either to calm you or actually help you.

This link has references to pregnancy care and counselling, it will help to read about it:

These two have other information relating to your post:

The main Thyroid UK site has information:


Thankyou for your references :)

Hopefully book an appointment tomorrow


Are you near London by any chance ?


No, leeds


Ok, I just had a fab NHS doctor during my pregnancy who specialised in pregnancy and the thyroid.


oh i see, do you reckon i could get in contact for some advice or would it have to be face to face?


You could try calling, it was UCLH, they had a whole team. It's a vast maternity wing...


Thankyou :D x


Hi the problem with carbimazole is that it crosses the placental barrier and can affect the unborn child and cause problems for them. However that does not mean that you should not get pregnant. You can move on to another drug called PTU which is safe in pregnancy.

Your doctor seems very unprofessional and I would complain about the attitude. It should always be a taken that women of child bearing age may actually get or want to get pregnant.

You will need close monitoring during pregnancy if you have Graves and should ask to be referred to a specialist during that time. Good luck.


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