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Fed right up :(

Was diagnosed hypo about 2 years ago, after being treated for depression for years. Saw my dr, cos I basically had felt so bad for so long I'd had enough. My bloods came back borderline, but because my sister and my nan were both hypo I managed to persuade the doc to prescribe levothyroxine, started on 50, and felt great for the first time in years. Shame it didn't last. In jan this year I was rushed into hospital with horrific heart palpitations (very scary) outcome of this was to up my tabs to 75 per day. So here I am now completely exhausted again, severe pins and needles and numbness in my fingers and feet, blood test booked for next Tuesday, and let's see what happens this time !!!!! Wish I could just have my life back, the one where I was funny, full of life, without the constant mood swings and depression and not massively overweight, anybody else feel like their life has changed beyond recognition ???? Xx

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I certainly hope that as well as thyroid hormone tests and TSH, you also get vitamin B12, folates, iron/ferritin and vitamin D tested.

Some of the symptoms overlap so much with thyroid it really is important to test as otherwise they might not be recognised.



In answer to your question there are many, many people on this site who find their lives have been wrecked by this condition. Clearly your treatment is not optimised and as Rod suggests you need other tests as well as thyroid tests. You can find more information about how to approach your next doctor's appointment here:

This is the first step. If this does not bring you the results you hope for there are other options to try, but sadly the correct treatment is often a process of elimination.

Jane x x


Hi, I felt exactly the same for about 10 years, I went to see an endo to try and get T3, he wouldn't prdescribe it but did want to check by vitamin d levels because that can make you very tired. Blood test results came back at 14 which is very low, endo write to the GP who did nothing and eventually after 3 phone calls the GP have me calcichew, they had just filed the endos letter and were going to do nothing.

I am now,taking T3 and the calcichew and finally feel normal again, my family are all commenting about how well I am at the moment.

Unfortunately I had to buy my own T3 because the nhs won't provide it because they are charged a rediculous amount of money for it.

I have given up on the doctors they just don't listen, its my life and I have now basically sorted out what medication I need and I have never felt better. X


Where do you buy your T3 from please?


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Sorry to inform you, but all reports and letters are just filed at all surgeries, even for really serious things, it is up to you to follow it all up, so the best person to speak to would probably be the filing clerk about your health. That is why old people get failed in the system.

Every time you go to hospital, or any other appointments always get the paperwork sent to you or always follow up and get a copy from a surgery.


Yes babe, I feel exactly the same xx


Ann xx


Thx for all your advice and feedback, it's great knowing that you really aren't the only one feeling like this, I shall b printing off sum details and presenting them to my doc to try to get them to do bloods for folates, iron, vit d and b12 as well as tsh, as suggested by rod, guess I'll just hv to wait and see. Fingers crossed and I'll keep u posted



hi I was diagnosed with Hypo 6 weeks ago, in a random blood test. Before being diagnosed I had never felt healthier, I worked out 4 times a week and had bounds of energy and enthusiam for life. Loving my physical work with animals. I only had a blood test as I hadn't been to the doctor for 7 years, and I was going to africa ( gorilla treking). The only 'symptom' i had was that my lower leg became swollen if i sat down for too long or on a flight. My doctor prescribed 25 levothyroxine. Within 2 weeks I had never felt so ill. Every joint and muscle in my body ached, I could no longer do my work. I felt physically exhausted all the time like 'jet lag and fell asleep at every oportunity, i didn't even have enough energy to do my housework.. I developed a claw finger on one hand and could'nt even dress myself. I have visited the doctor 4 times and had to go to A & E I was in soo much agony with my joints. I went back to my doctor again and he upped my dose to 50. Within 2 days i could barely move and my eyes looked as though I was dead. Considering I felt absolutely fit and healthy before the medication I have decided to stop the meds, took 25 yesterday, and 12.5 today and that will be my last dose. Already begining to feel normal again. I can't believe anything that makes you feel so bad can be good for you.


This is a ver strange story. Do you think it would be worth getting another blood test? Could yours have been confused with someone else's? Or could you be allergic to the fillers in the pills?

If they were your results and you have felt so bad I think you should yellow card it!

I really hope you get better soon and can go to the gorillas - sounds fascinating.



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