Are nightmares a sign of hypo?

Hello! I've been going through a series of blood tests for hypothyroidism, latest test showed low FT4, TSH on the high end of normal and TPO antibodies through the roof. Have been having a host of symptoms for hypo but recently adding to problems is nightmares. I went through a phase of not dreaming at all for a few weeks and now I'm having very realistic, vivid dreams that I can remember perfectly the next day. (The night before last I dreamt I had one day to live before I had a fatal heart attack and last night I dreamt I was standing near the Shard when a huge bomb ripped it to shreds.)

I was just wondering if anyone else has experience similar and if treatment for hypo/hashis helped?



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  • Yes, I experience/ed nightmares when thyroid levels are off balance. I also worked out that extremely vivid dreaming happened without fail every time I took even a low dose of vitamin B6.

    I'm quite sure there are other causes of nightmares too though.

  • Me too, I have been having very vivid nightmares, and my thyroid is definitely out of kilter.

  • The answer is the same for me too. Especially before I was diagnosed I had nightmares every night and it was horrible.

    Jo xx

  • oh phew so if I get treated they should stop! I've dreamt of death and destruction for three nights in a row now, making the tiredness a lot worse...!

  • How strange. I've been off my T4 and T3 for nearly 4 whole weeks now and have experienced some horrendous nightmares, even in the 1 hour naps I'm back o having in the day! I very rarely dream usually.

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