Are nightmares a sign of hypo?

Hello! I've been going through a series of blood tests for hypothyroidism, latest test showed low FT4, TSH on the high end of normal and TPO antibodies through the roof. Have been having a host of symptoms for hypo but recently adding to problems is nightmares. I went through a phase of not dreaming at all for a few weeks and now I'm having very realistic, vivid dreams that I can remember perfectly the next day. (The night before last I dreamt I had one day to live before I had a fatal heart attack and last night I dreamt I was standing near the Shard when a huge bomb ripped it to shreds.)

I was just wondering if anyone else has experience similar and if treatment for hypo/hashis helped?



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  • Yes, I experience/ed nightmares when thyroid levels are off balance. I also worked out that extremely vivid dreaming happened without fail every time I took even a low dose of vitamin B6.

    I'm quite sure there are other causes of nightmares too though.

  • Me too, I have been having very vivid nightmares, and my thyroid is definitely out of kilter.

  • The answer is the same for me too. Especially before I was diagnosed I had nightmares every night and it was horrible.

    Jo xx

  • oh phew so if I get treated they should stop! I've dreamt of death and destruction for three nights in a row now, making the tiredness a lot worse...!

  • How strange. I've been off my T4 and T3 for nearly 4 whole weeks now and have experienced some horrendous nightmares, even in the 1 hour naps I'm back o having in the day! I very rarely dream usually.

  • Omg, can't believe this! Have such vivid dreams/nightmares for years and years and relate them to family and friends who are stunned by the complexity and vivid recall. Thank you all. I never thought this was a symptom and oh thank you.something else falls in the jigsaw of getting diagnosed. Anybody had extensive dental problems with autoimmunity? Take care of yourselves everyone☺

  • elizabethanera, I had awful dental problems pre hypo diagnosis. Problems continued until I changed over to desiccated thyroid. Since then, things are soooo much better.

  • Thank you so much.i contacted my dentist of 30 years today, he actually said Sjogerns disease to me.he has been just cover letter for the years and noticed dry mouth at times,treated gingervitus etc along with extensive dental problems.omg that is one of the things doc is trying to find. Dentist gonna send me to dental Hosp and wk after he sees me. Gums receded a lot in 5 months .so eyes tested,awaiting bloods,ahd now dentist.dont know how I will manage to get up all the stairs in dental thanks again.x

  • Hi what is dessicated thyroid treatment please.

  • elizabethanera,

    Desiccated thyroid (also known as NDT - natural desiccated thyroid) is a prescription thyroid medication for the treatment of hypothyroidism. It is derived from the thyroid glands of pigs, and was the original thyroid hormone replacement used successfully for many, many years until the pharmaceutical industry figured out how to make synthetic versions.

  • Thanks.

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